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Nobody"s Gonna Know describes a TikTok trfinish collection to an audio clip from the American television series Bad Girls Club. The audio clip contains a dialogue founding via the expression, "Nobody"s gonna recognize. Nobody"s gonna recognize," to which a 2nd person responds, "They"re gonna know." The initially speaker then responds, "How would certainly they know?" Videos under the #GonnaKnow hashtag feature TikTokers perdeveloping obviously deceitful actions while lip-syncing to the clip, acting as if nobody will certainly notice what they"re doing.


On March 2fifth, 2020, TikToker cgleason22<1> uploaded a video clip captioned, "me debating myself on whether or not i should make a fake account just to write-up comments on my videos" utilizing the Gonna Know audio clip (shown below). Cglaeason22 is the original uploader of the audio clip. The video garnered over 1.7 million views and also 202 thousand also likes in six months.


On April 16th, 2020, TikToker seanghedi<2> posted a Gonna Know video captioned, "me obtaining my septum pierced versus my paleas wishes." The video obtained over 496,000 views and also 108,000 likes in 5 months. TikTokers continued to write-up videos using the sound clip, leading it to the trending web page in September.

On September 13th, TikToker jakefresca<3> uploaded a Shrek themed Gonna Know video captioned, "Fiona trying to hide that she becomes an ogre eextremely night." The video got 2.2 million views and 447,000 likes in four days. On September 17th, TikToker coracolerugs<4> uploaded a Gonna Know video, garnering over 5.5 million views and also 1.3 million likes in 2 days. As of September 17th, there were over 49.6 million views under the #gonnaknow hashtag and also over 19.3 thousand videos utilizing the audio clip.




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The photo was posted to Twitter in 2015, and also because then, it"s been supplied to make fun of Brooklyn hipsters throughout platcreates.

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Tighten Staring describes a photo of Tighten from MegaMind staring off in the distance. Originally offered as a reactivity image or knock-off of Traumatized Mr. Incredible, the meme was able to hit a new high months later as Silent Hill music was added and also it ended up being a Skinwalker meme

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