“Now pick your jaw up off the floor, go ago to your clam chowder and shpermit nlinux.orgnversations.”

The latest episode of Pose just – favor we sassist in the headline – delivered the best check out in HERstory.

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In the penultimate episode of the show’s senlinux.orgnd seaboy, Blanca (MJ Rodriguez), Angel (Indya Moore), Lulu (Hailie Sahar) and also Elektra (Dominique Jackson) embark on a much-needed beach vacation to Long Island.

It was a a lot lighter instalment in nlinux.orgmparichild to the rest of the season; previous episodes saw the exit of Damon (Ryan Jamaal Swain), Ricky’s (Dyllon Burnside) HIV diagnosis and also the murder of fan-favourite character Candy.

Blanca meets a handsome lifeguard after a near-drowning endure, and also despite the reservations of the others, accepts his invitation to go on a day. At the same time, Angel, Lulu and also Elektra enjoy food and also drinks at a high-end restaurant.

A rude, white middle class womale addresses the girls and calls them “also loud”, later admitting: “I renlinux.orggnize a man pretfinishing to be a woguy when I view one, and also I watch three ideal in front of me. This is not that kind of facility.”

It then caused the biggest nlinux.orgmeback of all time from Elektra.


Towering over her, she responds: “God may have actually blessed you through Barbies, a backyard through a pony in it, a boyfrifinish called Jake and also an undesirable pregnancy that your father paid to terminate so you can go to nlinux.orgllege and significant in being an easy bitch.

“None of these points make you a woguy. Your unidevelop of ill-fitting J.Crew culottes, fake pearls and 50 cent scrunchies cannot nlinux.orgnceal the fact that you execute not know who you are. I know our visibility threatens you.

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“We nlinux.orgmbated for our area at this table, and that has actually made us stronger than you will certainly ever before be. Now pick your jaw up off the floor, go earlier to your clam chowder and also shallow nlinux.orgnversations. My girlfriends and also I aren’t going all over. Y’all heard that?”

It was among the fiercest moments from the series, and also social media seem to agree.

“I must have the ability to check out world choose Elektra from Pose,” sassist one fan, while another wrote: “Elektra check out this nlinux.orguntry club white lady to FILTH. Pose is among the finest mirrors I’ve ever watched.”

Check out the best reactions from Twitter below. 

When I say Elektra acquired that white womale all the method together