Why Switch to Just Energy

Just Energy is a leading North Amerideserve to distributor of Electricity & Natural Gas. By switching to Just Energy, you gain the organization you desire at the time you want. Whether you are looking for electricity, herbal gas, renewable energy credits, or energy performance options — we acquired it all for you. We have actually been serving our customers for over two decades in the US and also Canada, and we are all set for you to become among our satisfied customers.

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Proudly voted the Best Electricity Company.

Join our happy customers who voted us 2021 Best Electricity Company1. We sell competitively priced energy rates via functional term length plans, green power choices, and friendly customer company.


Helping to ReduceYour Carbon Footprint

The majority of the power we use once we percreate everyday job-related, social, and also home activities originates from resources that reason air pollution. Just Energy have the right to help you minimize your carbon footprint and accomplish a sustainable way of living. From our procedures and criteria to the services available, we look to develop cleaner, even more sustainable communities across North America.

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"I got great service over the phone and no surprises after signing up. The commodities and routine are easy and also straightforward to understand. I would recommfinish Just Energy for their low management fees, unified commodity billing and straightforward to check out bills. I had a good experience and they were very straightforward to attend to."


"Everything that was shelp to me at the moment of the sale is exactly what I acquired, no surprises. It’s nice to have actually my warm and power on the exact same bill. I’m additionally pleased via the continuous billing and also price stcapacity and recommend Just Energy for budget purposes. Customer company is prompt and expert."


"I just started and to be hocolony I like your firm, I reap your solutions. So much anyone I have encountered from your agency has actually been on an extremely experienced basis. You perform what you can to reach out and make the customer happy, and I really appreciate that and there need to be more providers prefer that."

Shannon B.

"Just Energy is the best power provider in Edmonton, hands down! I prefer the green energy alternative. They were helpful via my comes to, indevelopmental and I appreciated the endure."


"I would recommend Just Energy for their Friendly and hassle complimentary service. My experience was better than meant – friendly and attentive, brief organize times and also great customer service."


"I just desire to say I am so happy via Just Energy and also I love your customer service and if all providers could have actually friendly staff choose you guys, the world would be a better place. Thank you!"

Kimberly S.

Until we’re challenged with power outperiods, we tend to take the electrical power that we obtain from our power grid for granted. We expect on-demand electricity, and also many of us are surprised, dismayed, and periodically at a loss as to how to respond when we don"t have actually...

When we think of the term "dark energy," a lot of of us are most likely to conjure up imperiods of Voldemort, Darth Vader, or that unpleasant person at the office — not many will certainly consider the stars and the cosmos. Humans have been studying the stars since the start of...

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1 Just Energy has actually been voted as the Best Electricity Company in Houston by the Houston Chronicle’s Best of the Best (2021). Visit https://www.chron.com/best/ for details.

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