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1  adv 
You usage just  to say that something happened a really brief time earlier, or is beginning to take place at the existing time. For instance, if you say that someone has simply arrived, you suppose that they arrived a very short time ago.  ADV prior to v I"ve just bought a new residence..., The 2 had actually only just met..., I simply had actually the the majority of awful dream..., I"m only just start to take it in that he"s still absent.  
2  adv 
If you say that you are just  doing somepoint, you expect that you are doing it now and will certainly finish it extremely soon. If you say that you are just around to do something, or just going to carry out it, you mean that you will certainly execute it very soon.  ADV before v, ADV about/going to-inf I"m simply making the sauce for the cauliflower..., I"m just going to walk down the lane currently and short article some letters..., The Vietnam War was simply around to end.  
3  adv 
You deserve to use just  to emphadimension that somepoint is happening at precisely the moment of speaking or at exactly the moment that you are talking around.  ADV adv/prep, ADV as/as soon as cl  (emphasis) Randall would just currently be getting the Sunday paper..., Just then the phone rang..., Just as she prepared to collection off to the next village, two friends arrived in a taxi.  
4  adv 
You use just  to show that somepoint is no more essential, interesting, or difficult, for instance, than you say it is, especially as soon as you want to correct a wrong principle that someone may obtain or has actually already acquired.  ADV group/cl  (emphasis) (=simply) It"s simply a suggestion..., It"s not just a financial issue..., You can tell just by looking at me that I am all best...  
5  adv 
You use just  to emphadimension that you are talking about a little component, not the entirety of an amount.  ADV n  (emphasis) (=only, merely) That"s just one instance of the kind of experiments you have the right to perform...  
6  adv 
You usage just  to emphasize exactly how little an amount is or how brief a size of time is.  ADV amount  (emphasis) (=only) Stephanie and David redecorated a room in simply 3 days...  
7  adv 
You can usage just  in front of a verb to show that the outcome of something is unfortunate or unpreferable and also is likely to make the instance worse rather than much better.  ADV prior to v (=only) Leaving prefer I did simply made it worse...  
8  adv 
You use just  to indicate that what you are saying is the case, however only by a really tiny level or amount.  ADV adj/adv/prep, ADV prior to v Her hand was simply visible by the light from the sitting room..., I arrived just in time for my trip to London...  
9  adv 
You usage just  through `can," `might," and also `could", once you intend that tright here is a little possibility of somepoint happening, even though it is not extremely most likely.  ADV with modal It"s an old trick yet it simply might job-related...  
10  adv 
You use just  to emphasize the following word or phrase, in order to expush feelings such as annoyance, admiration, or certainty.  ADV prior to v, ADV adj/n  (emphasis) She just will not relax..., I knew you"d be here. I just knew...  
11  adv 
You use just  in expressions such as simply a minute and simply a moment to ask someone to wait for a short time.  SPOKEN ADV n (=host on) `Let me in, Di."—`Okay. Just a minute."  
12  adv 
You have the right to use just  in expressions such as just a minute and simply a minute to interrupt someone, for instance in order to disagree via them, describe something, or calm them dvery own.  SPOKEN ADV n Well, now simply a second, I don"t altogether agree via the premise.  
13  adv 
You have the right to use just  through negative question tags, for example `isn"t he just?" and `don"t they just!", to say that you agree totally via what has actually been said.   (BRIT) SPOKEN through neg, cl ADV  (emphasis) `That"s crazy," I shelp. `Isn"t it just?" he said..., `The manager"s going to have actually some challenging decisions to make."—`Won"t he simply."  
14  adv 
If you say that you can just  see or hear something, you mean that it is easy for you to imagine seeing or hearing it.  ADV prior to v (=almost) I have the right to just hear her informing her friends, `Well, I blame his mother!"  
15  adv 
You usage just  to suppose precisely, when you are specifying something specifically or asking for specific indevelopment.  ADV cl/prep/adv Tbelow are no statistics around simply how many type of world will not vote..., My arm hurts also, simply below...  
16  adv 
You use just  to emphadimension that a specific point is specifically what is required or fits a particular summary specifically.  ADV n  (emphasis) Kiwi fruit are simply the thing for a healthy snack..., `Let"s gain a coffee somewright here."—`I know just the place."  
17  adv 
You use just  in expressions such as simply favor, just as...as, and just the exact same when you are emphasizing the similarity in between two points or two human being.  ADV like n, ADV as adj/adv, ADV n  (emphasis) Behind the facade they are simply favor the remainder of us..., He functioned simply as difficult as anyone...  
18 You usage simply around to suggest that what you are talking around is so cshed to being the situation that it have the right to be regarded as being the instance. ♦just about 
 phrase PHR n/adj/adv (=practically) What does she read? Just about whatever...  
19 You usage simply around to suggest that what you are talking about is in fact the case, yet only by a very little degree or amount. ♦simply about 
 phrase PHR before v, PHR n/adj We"ve acquired just around sufficient time to acquire tright here.  
20  → simply my luck 
 → luck  → not just  → not  → just now  → now  → only just  → only  → it simply goes to show  → show 

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