You have the right to be liked by both the Legion and also NCR at the very same time, it's just a small difficult since you aren't going to be going through the Legion's Key Quest Line.

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One of the easiest methods to boost your rep through the Legion is to bring NCR Dogtags to Cottontimber Cove. If you do nopoint else to the Legion, you just need 50. This have the right to be shortened through some quests. Also, there is a reward search referred to as "Caesar's Favor". You acquire it by being Accepted by Caesar after leaving the Ft after you get the Mark of Caesar. If you have the right to become idolized, among the rewards is a continual supply of Stealth Boys.

One excellent place to start is Cottonlumber Cove. The first search you desire to execute is referred to as "Eye for an Eye". To begin this search, find Cottonwood Cove and talk to First Sergeant Astor at Camp Searchlight, a tiny means to the west. Then go earlier to the Cove and talk to the man in charge "Aurelius of Phoenix". He'll provide you something and also tell you to go earlier to Astor. Do so to finish this pursuit. No NCR infamy. If you have actually Barter 35, talk to Aurelius aobtain and he will let you profession NCR Dogtags via Decanus for ammo/food and Legion fame.

The next pursuit is dubbed "We Are Legion". You get it by going to Nelboy and speaking through Dead Sea in one of the central buildings. Say you will attack Camp Forlorn Hope. You will have to kill Quartermaster Mayes, Dr. Richards, Tech Sergeant Reyes, and Major Polati. I recommfinish an NCR disguise and the Ratslayer or Nephi's Gold Club. Each of the 4 have actually some searches, and also the quartermaster's search ends with you being ambumelted by the Legion, so don't perform that one, yet you can usage a stealth boy if you wanted to. The Major's search ends through you assaulting Nelson.

If you go with the Van Graff search line, at the finish you're asked to assist in an ambush. Say you will, yet don't shoot any type of Legionaries.

After completing Ring-A-Ding-Ding! you will certainly acquire the Mark of Caesar. Go ago to Cottonhardwood and go take the raft. You perform not need to carry out the Legion's objective to acquire Legion fame, as Caesar assumes you side through him anymethod.

In Caesar's tent is Vulpes, the man that shed Nipton. He'll offer you the search "Finger of Suspicion". Just go to Vault 21 and also save this girl from the Omertas. You have the right to usage high speech, kill them, or finish the Omerta quest line and say you know the boss. I think you acquire better fame for just using the speech alternative. Completeing this quest starts the Legion's version of "I put a Spell on you".

"I put a Spell on you" is reasonably directly forward, but make certain you don't tell anyone that Curtis is the spy. Curtis will tell you to ask Hsu if you have the right to aid out. Tell Hsu you deserve to watch around the indevelopment leak. He'll tell you to go stop to Curtis, and also Curtis will tell you to go pick some bomb making products and an actual bomb from a trash deserve to, and for you to kill Davey Crenshaw and also to plant a bomb on the train. Having high NCR fame or a disguise will execute the trick. You will certainly need to plant the bomb products in Davey's locker. Go back to Hsu and tell him Davey was the leak.

Lucius offers you the search "I Hear You knocking". If you are idolized by the Boomers, simply go to Nellis Airfield base and take it from the clocollection. If not, steal it. Install the piece in the howitzer, then go back to Lucius.

He can additionally teach you a distinct unequipped skill if your unequipped is 50 and also you Legion fame is high sufficient. He will certainly offer you the Legion's Saferesidence essential once you are "Liked". The Legion's Saferesidence is tended to by Atticus, that will certainly offer you a choice of 2 stealth boys, 2 cateyes, or 2 random magazines every 3 and a half days.

Anvarious other HUGE benefit of being Liked by the Legion is Caesar's Favor quest. Unfortunately, it is kinda buggy. In concept, all you need to execute is be chosen by the Legion and you will be approached by the Disguised Frumentarius who will certainly provide you the quest. Basically, it opens a supply cache that is refilled eextremely 3 days. Inside are 3-5 boxes (relying on your reputation). The first 3 are just fundamental help, doctor's bags, and generic armor.

Boxes 4 and also 5 are much even more helpful. The fourth box usually has actually 75+ ammo of a random kind (excluding the rare stuff favor .50 MG and also mininukes). The 5th box can contain stealth boys, however you deserve to only access it if you are idolized. Unfortunately, I do not understand exactly how shedding reputation via the Legion affects this quest.

However, like I sassist, it is buggy. If you quick travel amethod from the frumentarius as he philosophies you, you will certainly never obtain the quest, so never before fast travel after being liked by the Legion. Once you are approached, you deserve to travel whenever before you desire. Also, the quest might soptimal reseting, and the just solution is the "Why Can't We Be Friends?" pursuit. It a Powder Ganger's pursuit though, and also it is situated at Vault 19.

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EDIT: Apparently you carry out not need to be "liked", yet simply have actually a positive reputation via the Legion.