Earlier this evening, I was trying to tell someone, "I don"t treatment who wins the Superbowl this year. I do not have actually a-"

I could"t remember exactly how to finish this saying (to suppose I don"t have a personal interest in the outcome of a specific dispute, debate, or game).

I do not have actually a stake in this game.

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That"s the closest I can come up through, yet I seem to remember there"s an animal-related variation also. Web searches have not been valuable. "A pig at this market" maybe?



Tbelow are 2 similar phrases for this. One is "I don"t have a steed in this race" and another is "I do not have actually a dog in this fight." Both intend basically what you said--that the person saying the phrase doesn"t personally have anything at stake in a instance.


I believe that the Texas/Southern UNITED STATE version of the expression is "I do not have actually a dog in this hunt," definition that the speaker doesn"t have a rooting interemainder. The expression is sometimes provided to emphasize the disinterested standing of the speaker before his or her giving advice or commentary on the topic of the "hunt" in question. The speaker"s claimed absence of any kind of ulterior motives as an observer supposedly enhances the relicapability of the advice or comments readily available.

The expression "I do not have a dog in this hunt" sounds folksy sufficient to be a actual old-timey expression, but a Google Books search argues that it is a recent, faux folksy saying, along the same lines as calling someone "all hat and also no cattle." Google Books finds one (relatively) early on instance from 1994 and another from either 1994 or 1995 (judging from the recommendations it renders to O.J. Simpson"s impending murder trial, which took location in 1995). From U.S. Congress, Senate Committee on Small Firm, Subcommittee on Regulation, Firm Opportunities, and also Technology, Problems in Securing Increated Consent out of Subjects in Experimental Trial of Unapverified Drugs and Devices (May 23, 1994):

Mr. COMBEST. I had actually an additional question. We have a saying in Texas that I don"t have actually a dog in that hunt, which I do not. I do not have a prejudice in this one method or the various other. We are simply trying to discover out the full details so we have the right to come up through hopefully some positive suggestions.

From Instauration, volumes 19–20 (1994–1995) :

How many kind of Majority individual are players in this game? Well, there"s Nicole. Mmmm, that else is there? The just other Majority female I"m mindful of is Judge Ito"s white wife. Everybody else is either black or Jewish. If you"re a white male, you don"t have a dog in this hunt. Might too just sit ago and also reap the spectacle.

The following Google Books complement is from UNITED STATE Congress, Housage Committee on Government Reform and Oversight, Subcommittee on Civil Service, Government Shutdvery own One (1997) :

I say thanks to the distinguiburned chairmale and also members of the subcommittee. I will certainly submit my created testimony and also try to paraexpression it. Like Mr. Browder, I don"t have many type of Federal employees. I"m not close to the nation"s resources. So, in one feeling, I don"t have a dog in this hunt. But in the sense that I reexisting 600,000 taxpayers, I think I do have a reasonable reason to be somewhat came to around it.

These hearings took area on December 6 and 14, 1995, and also the document of the hearings was publimelted on January 1, 1997.

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None of my Amerideserve to slang reference books from the 1990s has actually an enattempt for "I do not have actually a dog in this hunt." But Google Books lists many kind of instances of the expression from the past fifteenager years.