The expression "I"ve acquired my job-related cut out for me" I have actually till now mistaken to mean: "The job-related that I have to execute is greatly completed (as a result of initiatives by others beforehand), and just have to carry out a little bit even more to finish". But I uncover that it actually means "The work-related I have to execute is going to be hard, and will take incredible time and effort to complete".

Is tright here any proof that supports the previous interpretation, various other than being supplied in a sarcastic context? Or, can the former meaning be true only if provided in sarcasm?

Also, I am curious about the origin of this expression, and also would love to recognize about its first appearance.

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Also, I am curious around the beginning of this phrase, and also would certainly love to know about its initially appearance.

To have (one"s) work-related cut out for one is from 1610s; to have it prepared and prescribed, for this reason, to have actually all one have the right to handle. Old weorc (n), wircan, wyrdeserve to (vb); pertained to Old High Gerguy wurchen, German wirken, Old Norse yrkja, Gothic waurkjan>

More etymology here: worldwidewords

Is tbelow any proof that supports the former interpretation, other than being supplied in a sarcastic context? Or, can the previous definition be true only if provided in sarcasm?

My sense is no to both of your concerns.


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