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Elli Friedman

This individual refprovides to leave the home after Jews are ordered to wear the yellow star.

Laura Friedman

This individual believes that cuddling a kid just makes that son more sensitive.


This individual is attfinishing institution in Budapest when the SS invades.

Jancsi Novak

This individual is a winner of the Honor Roll and congratulates the co-winner.

Aunt Serena

This individual becomes substantially agitated and also breaks up the dishes before the household is to be relocated from the ghetto at Ngymagyar.

Pista Szivos

This individual permits presents of food from a previous classmate and also her mommy to be provided to a concentration camp prisoner.

Doctor Mengele

This individual determines whether detainees will certainly live in the horrors of Auschwitz or will die immediately in the gas chambers.

Marta Kalman

This individual offers a couple of of those in the ghetto in Nagymagyar food which contains flour, a...

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