Well, when I"m lyin" in my bed at nightI do not desire to grow upNothin" ever appears to revolve out rightI do not desire to prosper upHow do you move in a human being of fogThat"s always transforming things?Makes me wish that I can be a dogWell, when I see the price that you payI don"t desire to grow upI do not ever before want to be that wayI don"t want to thrive upSeems choose folks revolve right into things they they"d never before wantThe just thing to live for is todayI"m gonna put a hole in my T.V. setI do not desire to thrive upOpen up the medicine chestAnd I don"t want to thrive upI don"t want to have to shout it outI don"t desire my hair to loss outI don"t want to be filled with doubtI do not want to be a great boy scoutI don"t desire to need to learn to countI do not desire to have the biggest amountI don"t want to grow upWell, once I view my parents fightI do not desire to grow upThey all go out and drinking all nightAnd I do not desire to flourish upI"d fairly say right here in my roomNothin" out tbelow however sad and gloomI don"t want to live in a big old tomb on Grand Street, hooWhen I view the five o"clock newsI don"t desire to flourish upComb their hair and shine their shoesI don"t want to flourish upStay around in my old hometownI don"t desire to put no money downI do not desire to gain me a big old loanWork them fingers to the boneI do not want to float a broomFall in love and obtain married then boomHow the hell did I gain below so soon?I do not want to prosper up

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I Don"t Wanna Grow Up Lyrics as written by Thomas Alan Waits Kathleen Brennan

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My InterpretationUnlike some other respondents, I do not see this as being around the childhood innocence we all provided to have actually, but currently that we"ve grvery own up we"ve viewed the light. Quite the oppowebsite. I check out it as a male who has grown up, and wishes he could reget the flexibility that youngsters have; the freedom not to need to fit into the device and also become something nobody ever wanted to be. Part of the beauty of being a boy is you can not conform, and world still love you and also look after you. When you"re an adult, if you do not concreate, you endure.So I view this as a critique of our society and a manifesto for not taking the area we"re supposed to sit still in after we "prosper out of" our yearning for somepoint much better. If in our culture prospering up is combing your hair, shining your shoes, coming to be an excellent boy scout, and also wanting the biggest amount, then, fuck it, I don"t wanna thrive up.