"I Came Out to Have a Good Time and also I"m Honestly Feeling So Attacked Right Now" is an expression used to sarcastically comsimple about being criticized or challenged. Although the quote originally showed up in a post by Tumblr user chardonnaymami, its resource has been falsely attributed to a screenshot of a tweet supposedly posted by singer Nick Jonas of The Jonas Brothers.

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On June 2third, 2014, Tumblr<3> user chardonnaymami posted a tranmanuscript of a conversation about the nature of a so-referred to as "virgin mai-tai" (shown below). In the following week, the post obtained even more than 66,000 notes.

Disputed Origin

In Seaboy 6 Episode 9 of the reality tv present Ru Paul’s Drag Race, initially aired on April 1fourth, 2014, contestant Laganja Estranja provides a similar complaint around being struck while arguing with drag perprevious Adore Delano (shown below).

Adore Delano: "I"m not attacking you!"Laganja Estranja: "I feel exceptionally attacked!"

Many suggested this quote as a possible incentive for Tumblr user chardonnaymami"s article, however this was later denied by chardonnaymami in post on June 30th<5> in which she described her incentive for the write-up in even more detail, namely, an argument she had through her mother around whether or not they must throw out a bottle of Mai Tai cocktail syrup (displayed below).


Tumblr user charliekellys<6> claimed that the meme was actually a paraexpression of a quote from the scene in 22 Jump Street where Jonah Hill is fighting Jillian Bell, and this concept appeared to spread easily, however to today it stays unsubstantiated. Chardonnaymami vehemently denied<7> having even checked out the film.


On June 2sixth, 2014, Tumblr<4> user Audize posted a tranmanuscript of a conversation with a cashier from a MAC Cosmetics retail save in which she responds through the same quote after being told how much her purchases will certainly price (displayed below). Within 72 hours, the article gathered upwards of 45,500 notes.


On the complying with day, Tumblr<1> user twerking-to-hell reblogged a post insulting the Jonas Brothers through the addition of what appeared to be a screenshot of a tweet by Nick Jonas complaining around feeling “attacked” (shown below). In the first 48 hrs, the article obtained over 84,000 notes. However before, the validity of the screenswarm was been questioned by many kind of who case tright here is no record that Jonas actually posted such a tweet.

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CommonGayTweets<2> Twitter feed posted a tweet referencing the quote (shown below).





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