Hydrogen peroxide is provided as a cleaning agent in the treatment of cuts and also abrasions for numerous factors. It is an oxidizing agent that have the right to directly kill many kind of microorganisms; it decomposes upon contact via blood, releasing elemental oxygen gas (which inhibits the development of anaerobic microorganisms); and it foams upon call via blood, which gives a cleansing action. In the laboratory, small quantities of hydrogen peroxide can be ready by the reactivity of an acid on an alkaline earth metal peroxide, such as barium peroxide.

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What amount of hydrogen peroxide have to result once 1.12 g of barium peroxide is treated via 32.9 mL of hydrochloric acid solution containing 0.0291 g of HCl per mL?

g H2O2

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The first step will be to compose out the chemical equation of the reaction and also then balancing it. Next off step would certainly be to discover the limiting reactant - in this situation, it would certainly be BaO2 (barium peroxide). After calculating, you would certainly discover that the amount of hydrogen peroxide produced is 0.224 g.

BaO2 + 2HCl -> BaCl2 + H2O2

1.12 g BaO2 x 1 mol BaO2/169.33 g BaO2 x 1 mol H2O2/1 mol BaO2 x 34.01 g H2O2/1 mol H2O2 = 0.224 g H2O2

Hope that helps!

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