has actually been gave with an exclusive clip for this week’s and also final all-brand-new episode (#10) of “Hustle & Soul” airing Thursday, June 6th at 10/9C on WE TV.

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Hustle and also Soul is a one-hour six-episode series from Big Fish Entertainment, adhering to Chef Lawrence Page, owner and also head chef of The Pink Tea Cup (PTC) restaurant. Lawrence resurrected the former West Village landmark and relocated to the Ft Greene, Brooklyn on his search to climb to the following level and also score a coveted Michelin star. While Lawrence battles to discover the perfect recipe for success, he and his team will learn that it takes more than simply great food preparation and also a good-looking staff to become Michelin elite.


Heading up The Pink Tea Cup crew as General Manager is Lawrence’s hot-tempered girlfriend Ana; including Sana, the flighty flirty hostess who is not afrhelp to stand approximately Ana and seek whatever she wants; Thandi, the PTC’s lead server who is next in line to move up; and Candice, the head bartender that is as sweet as her drinks, yet far from Michelin all set. The twins, Dominic and Stef, administer some much-needed comic relief at the restaurant wbelow they can’t seem to obtain anypoint ideal.

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Welcome to Miami! Hustle & Soul Season 3 finds Chef Lawrence opening his new Pink Tea Cup Villa restaurant in South Beach, where he will be vying for celebrity clientele & managing sexy brand-new additions to his staff. Fiancé Ana is now companion and also on top of her social climbing to give the PTC a much more “classy” reputation, she’s planning a wedding! Thandi is holding dvery own PTC Brooklyn, however are she and also LP keeping secrets about their relationship? Cola & the Twins are making bank in Miami, tempting exiled staff Jon Jon to ditch Candice’s brand-new business venture in NYC. And when LP lands a warm celebrity catering gig can he save his staff in line enough to acquire his coveted celebrity chef status…or will certainly he lose everything?


In tonight’s episode, “Revenge Is Sweet”

LP’s big debut on the Steve Harvey present is underreduced by Ana’s schemes. Jon Jon asks as well a lot of Cola. Aneka makes a huge decision. Thandi gets what she desires, which leads to a shocking conclusion.