Genetically modified seeds are banned in Hungary. So once federal government regulators uncovered that 1,000 acres of maize had actually been planted via genetically modified seeds, they just plowed the suckers under. You stick it to the Monsanto, Hungary! Leaving aside the reality that this kind of sweep-the-checkers-off-the-board move is always sort of badass, this is likewise <…>


Genetically modified seeds are banned in Hungary. So when government regulators found that 1,000 acres of maize had been planted with genetically modified seeds, they simply plowed the suckers under. You stick it to the Monsanto, Hungary!

Leaving aside the fact that this type of sweep-the-checkers-off-the-board move is always kind of badass, this is additionally some amazingly thorough government regulation. For starters, they were willing to take collateral damage — just some of the seeds on those 1,000 acres were Monsanto-born Frankenmaize, however they destroyed it all despite the truth that it was as well late to plant more. Also, these checks were perdeveloped despite the reality that you aren't enabled to import GM seeds in the initially area. Federal regulators DOUBLE-checking? What are these people, Communists?

The free movement of items within the EU indicates that authorities will not investigate how the seeds arrived in Hungary, but they will certainly examine wright here the items can be found, Bognar shelp. Regional public radio reported that the two biggest international seed creating companies are affected in the issue and GMO seeds might have been svery own on approximately the countless hectares in the nation. Most of the neighborhood farmers have actually complained since they just found they were using GMO seeds.

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This actually happened earlier in July, however it's making the rounds of the internet currently, bereason everyone likes to imagine a band also of angry Cossacks just fucking a area of GM corn up old-college. is the just nonprofit newsroom focused on trying out services at the intersection of climate and justice.

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