Naming straightforward geometric figures

In this lesson we’ll look at basic geometric figures prefer points, lines, line segments, rays, and angles, and also we’ll talk around just how to name them.

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A allude is a depiction of a area in area. Its symbol is a single letter, and also it’s stood for as a dot. Point ???A??? could look like this:



A line exhas a tendency to infinity in 2 oppowebsite directions, so it have the right to be believed of as the right course that connects 2 points (and extends previous them). The symbol for a line is 2 letters that represent 2 points on the line, via a twin arrowed line over them.A drawing of a line needs to be right and have arrows on both ends. Line ???AB??? (also called line ???BA???), can look prefer this:



Line segments

A line segment is a piece of a line that connects two points. The points at the finish of the line segment are dubbed endpoints. You name a line segment by utilizing its endpoints.

The symbol for a line segment is the letter name of each of the endpoints through a line over the top. A drawing of a line segment has two points at the ends.



Another part of a line is referred to as a ray. A ray is the component of line that has one endsuggest and one side that goes on to infinity. You name a ray with the endallude and any kind of various other allude on the ray.

The symbol for a ray should incorporate the endpoint which is normally composed first, and also an additional suggest on the ray. The two points will certainly have a one-sided arrowhead over the top that points to the letter of the point on the “line” component of the ray. Ray ???vecAB??? can look like this:


When 2 rays share a prevalent endpoint, they develop an angle. The widespread endsuggest of the angle is called the vertex. These are means to name angles:

Writing the angle shape and then the letter that coincides to the vertex.

Writing the angle form and then 3 letters: the suggest from the first ray, the allude from the vertex, and also the allude from the last ray.

Writing the angle form, the suggest from the last ray, the suggest from the endallude, the point from the initially ray.

You deserve to likewise name an angle with a lowercase letter or number. If the lowercase letter or number is written inside of the angle, then you write the angle symbol and also whatever before name is inside of the angle.

If you choose method 2 or 3, be sure to put the vertex in the middle of the name! Here is an angle called four different ways: Angle ???angle B??? or ???angle ABE??? or ???angle EBA??? or ???angle 1???.

How to create the names for points, line segments, lines, rays, and also angles

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What component of the diagram is represented by the letter?


What does the letter ???f??? recurrent in the diagram?

The letter ???f??? represents a line. The same line can additionally be dubbed line ???AB??? or line ???BA???.

Let’s look at naming angles.


What are 3 various other names for ???angle 4???? Are any of the names a poor choice? Why or why not?

???E??? is the vertex of ???angle 4???, so it have the right to be called ???angle E???, ???angle CEB???, or ???angle BEC???. In this situation ???angle E??? would be a bad alternative for the name because angles ???1???, ???2???, and ???3??? also share vertex ???E???.

Let’s attempt an instance wright here we identify geometric figures by their written names.

When 2 rays share a widespread endallude, they create an angle. The prevalent endallude of the angle is referred to as the vertex.


Match the symbol on the left via the name of the figure on the appropriate.

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Remembering what each symbol represents can go a long method in helping you to settle and analyze geomeattempt questions. We’ll rearrange the column on the best so that each description corresponds to the correct symbol.

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