Does it matter if a agency has even more than one team or not? (I assume it does not.)

I understand the usage with plurals and possessives in isolation (and also have actually reregarded those examples). Many civilization I"ve asked have said it can be either yet I still feel choose team"s in this case is wrong. The question is if "companies", plural, indicates that "teams" is made plural (even if each company just had one team). E.g., it seems more clear if you readjust it to something choose "offered by civilization to control their dogs" time". I"m not sure if it"s bereason "team" is a collective noun that reasons some doubt.

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I would argue that if it is one team you are speaking of, the correct form is "team"s time"

If you are referring to multiple groups, then "teams" time"

The word itself is in singular form, not its plural develop (that would certainly be "teams"), also though a team usually is consisted of of multiple people.

Other comparable examples: "Congress"s time" "the committee"s time" and so on..

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answered Jun 14 "19 at 20:37

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I think it is correct although tright here is somepoint odd around the sentence.

If I have actually several groups and I wish to control their time, then I deserve to definitely say: I wish to regulate my teams" time. The apostrophe is effectively inserted after "s" because groups is a plural.

What is odd, yet not actually wrong is the double possessive: their followed by another possessive. It might be worse: Used to control the companies" teams" time.

If I were creating it I would reword the sentence to avoid a double possessive, yet that is a matter of taste quite than grammar: "Companies use it to regulate the moment of their groups."

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answered Mar 28 "18 at 8:31

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