This is a quiz on Hamilton lyrics and also around the cast behind this excellent show! The concerns are around all my favourite songs from Hamilton. Also I"m Australian, so I can spell favourite differently to you.

Hamilton is my favourite Broadmethod product of all time, and sometimes if there"s a show on TV, I say;"If it"s not Hamilton, I do not desire to watch it!But there was this distinct Elton John did wbelow many type of singers sung some of his songs. E.g. John Legfinish.My dad told me to come and watch it, (bereason I"m a enormous Elton John fan) but yet aobtain (because I didn"t know what it was), I sassist "If it"s not Hamilton, I"m not interested!" Turns out Leslie Odom Jr. (Burr) was singing an Elton John song! I watched it after that...

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In the song "Alexander Hamilton", that sings the incredibly first line? Aaron Burr Alexander HamiltonIn the song "Aaron Burr, Sir", who delivers the line;"I"m obtaining nervous..." Alexander Hamilton Aaron Burr John LaurensIn "The Story of Tonight", that delivers the opening line; "I might not live to watch our glory..." Mulligan Layfette Laurens Hamilton(I know these questions don"t really enhance as much as the order of the songs in the present...however I don"t care!)In "My Shot", who does Burr tell to reduced their voices? Hamilton, Laurens, Layfette and Mulligan Geniuses... Both of theseIn "The Schuyler Sisters", what book has actually Angelica been reading? "Usual Sense" "War in Peace"In "You"ll Be Back" (my individual favourite), what is the last threat that King George claims he"ll carry out to "remind you of my love!" "I wll send a fully equipped battalion.." "I will kill your friends and also family members..."In "Helpless", wright here does Alexander (for some reason) say him and also Eliza might relocate to? A little location in Holland also AnywhereIn "Satisfied", what 2 decisions is Angelica torn between (or at leastern the two she implies)? She desires to move to London, but she"d miss out on her house She loves Alexander, but desires to save Eliza happyIn "Hurricane", just how old was Alexander once the hurricane ruined his town? 15 16 17 18In "The Room Where it Happens", that sings the line;"God assist and forprovide me, I wanna construct somethin" that"s gonna outlive me! Burr Hamilton WashingtonIn "The Election of 1800", who"s vote does the entire election come down to? Hamilton Washington MaddisonIn "Your Obedient Servant", exactly how does Alexander address himself at the finish of his letters to Burr? A.Hamilton A.Ham Alerxander HamiltonIn "Who Lives, Who Dies, Who tells Your Story", that opens the song through the powerful line;"Let me tell you what I wish I"d known, when I was young and also dreamed of glory: You have no control, that resides, that dies, that tells your story..." Burr Maddison WashingtonLast one! In 2018, Lin-Manuel Miranda was cast to play which character in Mary Poppins Returns? Micheal Banks, as an adult Burt

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