Are you a genius? Is your IQ in the top 5 percentile? Do you also recognize about Reality Transferring? Yeah, me either. Though, if you’re in the industry for whipping up stories that call for a smarty-pants character who has to be smarter than you, yet you yourself aren’t a theoretical genius; exactly how the heck perform you create that character? Well…let me tell you some points.

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To begin, tright here are many kind of various types of intelligence. Many human being, when clicking on this specific blog short article, are probably thinking about the most typical and also renowned type: Book Smarts. They wanna compose a Book-Smart character. Though I will generally emphasis on this kind of character now, it is essential to realize that tright here are several different types of “smarts” out there. Also, that a character doesn’t need to be traditionally “book smart” in order to be or be viewed as “intelligent”. That’s a widespread misconception IRL, so let’s make certain not to make that very same mistake in our fiction, also. We’re as well developed for all that nonsense….


Firstly, give this smart character some backstory that shows the audience their credentials. The factor why they’re so smart in the first place. Did they go through some insane college program? Awarded the height prize in their industry? A born prodigy? Did they defeat some unstoppable dragon in such a clever way that therefore made them famous? Did they review a thousand also books on Quantum Physics? What’s their deal? Figure that out. Secondly, once you’ve found a distinctive backstory for this character you’ve more than likely narrowed dvery own a topic or particular location that they specialize in. Make that extremely clear to the readers what that thing is.

As authors, we’re constantly told to SHOW and also not TELL-and also I completely agree via this. Definitely display this character being smart and doing those smart things, however also use the personalities about them to BOLSTER that fact. Have a pair personalities talking around just how smart this character is BECAUSE of X,Y,Z. Have their peers marvel at their knowledge, compliment them on their quick wit, and also so on. A warning with this one: don’t over do it. It can get annoying to readers to be constantly hearing various other supporting personalities saying the same damn thing over and also over aacquire. Spread this out, put those compliments in particular, coherent locations wright here you either A- Want to emphasis their intelligence or B- Bring it to light wbelow it otherwise wouldn’t be presented or defined. A great instance of this is in Harry Potter wright here Hermione is often told exactly how brilliant she is.


As the writer, you obtain to see the whole spectrum of story events. Furthermore, you obtain all the moment in the world to setup out scene. Your characters, bmuch less their hearts, don’t gain that high-end. They are experiencing their stays in real time, just favor the readers are. It’s just YOU that gets to travel through time in a meaningful way, therefore you gain the opportunity to analyze them in a means that’ll make your character appear their smartest. It’s the advantage of seeing the scene from all angels that permits you the set-approximately make this particular character look good. Sure, in the middle of a stressful occasion a typical perchild (your readers) would certainly NEVER be able to come up via such a clever way of resolving a dire difficulty. But you, as the goddess or god that you are-have all the moment to work this out.


Somepoint I’ve noticed in these kinds of personalities is either a “Smart Ego” or “Smart Indefense.” The previous is much even more prevalent, and is normally a stereokind in males. For instance, Tony Stark as Iron-man, has an remarkable ego around his massive brain. I’d say by currently, this form of character is ending up being a stereokind. Is a smart character with a substantial ego really all that amazing anymore? I’d say, if you wanted a “Smart Ego” through your character, do it in a fresh, unique method. Perhaps, offer a female character a “Smart Ego” instead? Or a kid, even? Switching up what you’d suppose from a typical stereokind is a good way to excite readers. Or, take your alpha-male who’s very intelligent for instance, however then provide him an enormous insecurity over that intellect where he believes himself to be dumb instead of just how brilliant he actually is.


I feel like many authors, me had, overthink this character. I recognize I did. But once I really thought around it, they’re not truly that difficult to write around as lengthy as you think about them and the scenes they’re in before hand also. A smart character is a character who’s walking around with some type of feelings about their “super smarts”. That alone is an excellent catalyst for conflict. A smart character have the right to save the day-as long as YOU, the author, offer them the set-up and also particular route to walk dvery own in order to showsituation their intellect. In a flattering way-OBVI. As I researched this topic, I discovered that “intelligence” is a narrowhead term, one that doesn’t define how broad the huguy brain actually is. This blogpost truly dives deep on exactly how you have the right to psychoanalyze your characters to truly pinsuggest their unique type of intellect.

There are many various types of intelligence. From conventional publications smarts, to emotional intelligence, to street smarts; everyone is various. Maybe try dipping your toe into the pool of the various other forms of “smarts” if you’re looking to compose a character smarter than you. 
Make certain to give your Smart Character a background that defines and also shows they’re actually thought about smart within the story. This has schooling, accolades, winning somepoint complicated, and so on Also, make sure you provide this character one or two specific topics or specialties to be an expert in. Nobody knows everything about eextremely topic, and we all understand what it’s like to be about world who act choose they do…

Out of all the characters in the photos right here, who is the smarter in your opinion? Tony Stark, Spock, Hermione Granger, or Amy from Sailor Moon? Fight it out in the comments!

Have various other personalities affirm this character IS smart. Praise, compliments, ooohhs and also awwwes; yet you wanna execute it. Just execute it-yet don’t OVER perform it.

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Give this Smart Character a “Smart Ego” or a “Smart Insecurity”. They either KNOW they’re really smart and tout that as their self-worth, believing themselves to be much better than others because of it. Or, they have actually remarkable self-esteem worries and don’t believe they’re smart at all. Either way, make whichever one you select a deeply rooted flaw within the character and infuse it into their backstory. This leads to realism in your Smart Character.

Writing a character who"s smarter than you does not have to be difficult, we"ve simply obtained to think in our own knowledge. Which, I think each and also every among you possesses. Please comment and share this write-up through your writer friends. Your support means whatever. Join the army! #ArabellasArmy