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Detangling hair before wrapping it will make it much easier to brush out afterward and also proccasion any kind of even more build up of big knots or clumps.

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Wrapping your hair up in a towel can be fun and can also feel choose we’re at a cabin retreat getamethod in a magical forest - or is that simply us?

Can you smell the pine scent drifting in via the open up home window and also view the wood background in the fogged up mirror? Fresh out of the shower via a fluffy towel wrapped about you. Aget, possibly that’s simply us. 

Somepoint around being wrapped, hair and also all, in a fresh towel after a nice hot shower currently feels like you’re being pampered. Wrapping your hair up in a towel deserve to feel like a expedition to the spa, other than better bereason it can also be done from the comfort of your very own houses.

A Universal Method

We all recognize just how it goes: flip the hair forward upside dvery own, give it a little rub through via the towel, then twist it all together and pop that poor boy up. 

It sort of feels choose you’re in a shampoo commercial, catching a glimpse of yourself popping up in the mirror with that pretty towel tcity roughly your head. It might sound weird reading the step-by-action of this strategy, most likely bereason we’re commonly on auto-pilot once we go with this motion. Isn’t it stvariety exactly how things that we execute so often just end up being second nature? 

You’ve more than likely been winging it up till this allude. Maybe you learned this time-old towel trick from your mommy or watching the older girls do it in the locker-room, or much better yet - you saw an elegant, elderly blonde womale in a soap opera on TV carry out her hair choose this and also you just had to try it out yourself. However you think you might have learned it, it’s likely you can’t remember ever before being properly taught. This assumed crossed our minds and also we determined to look even more right into it. 

We’ve compiled all the information, tips and tricks and do’s and also don’ts for wrapping your hair in a towel. Go ahead and grab a warmth drink and snuggle up in somepoint cozy because we’re around to break this dvery own. 

The Time-Old Towel Turban

How did this famous towel trick concerned be? The basic answer is because it works, and works well. 

Wrapping your hair in a towel is actually a more favorable alternative than rubbing it dry. We’re certain you’re also familiar via the towel tmetropolitan rivalry technique; the rub. Rubbing your hair to dry it can seem prefer a tempting alternative. At first thought it provides sense; we rub our bodies dry and also it functions, so why can’t this be lugged over and also done to our hair as well? Glad you asked. 

Rubbing hair through a towel deserve to be aggressive and strenuous for those delicate strands we wear on our head. Many towels are made of low-grade materials, choose polyester. (It’s a totality various other story why you should absolutely invest in a plush, fluffy towel). Towels that are thin and sandpapery deserve to cause even more injury than good. When our hair is wet, like after a shower, it’s weaker, definition it’s even more at risk to breakage.

Our bodies are holy places, right? (Don’t worry, holy places still favor ice cream) And our hair is on our temple (hah), so we must definitely be dealing with it with the very same love and also respect. Giving our delicate hair a unstable rub-with doesn’t sound also loving or caring, does it?

What does sound loving and also caring is a beautiful and nicely propped up towel wrap. 

Why It Works 

Gentle drying

When done effectively, placing your hair in a soft wrap on height of your hair is much more gentle for those vulnerable little bit strands.

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Our hair is vulnerable and we need to be treating it through all the TLC that it deserves. 


When we’re drying our hair, it’s generally not the just point we’re doing. Drying our hair is usually done concurrently through drying our bodies, applying facial commodities, and also checking ourselves out in the mirror; you understand, the usual post-shower stuff. 

Wrapping hair up into a towel leaves our hands totally free and also available to take treatment of the remainder of our post-shower regimen.