If your pierced ears are stretched—many thanks to time, gravity or a love of heavy fashion earrings—we"ve acquired professional tips and also solutions



As an early-aughts boy, some (read: many) of the options I made were questionable. They typically had to carry out with boys, crazy raver outfits or body modification—and also occasionally a dangerous combo of all three. Hindsight is 20/20 and also I’ve learned from my mistakes, yet regret can linger—specifically as soon as body alteration is connected.

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At 14, I was a burgeoning raver, and also I was despeprice to execute what the cool children were doing. I currently owned the prerequiwebsite Jinco jeans, so the herbal development was to gauge—or stretch—my earlobes, a exercise that, at the moment, was as common as acquiring multiple piercings in your ears is this particular day. Stretching one’s ears entails wearing slightly bigger jewellery in the earlobes to produce larger-than-typical pierced holes. I began via tapers, cone-shaped earrings that are used to stretch piercings. Luckily for future me, my mommy concerned the rescue before I can perform major damage. She noticed the hot-pink spikes at the dinner table and also forcibly rerelocated them from my ears—maybe her finest parenting relocate to date.

I might have actually dodged 2 bullet-sized holes in my earlobes, but sadly they weren’t safe for long. I came to be (and still am) a real-life fashion victim. The perpetrator? Statement earrings. The crime? Turning my earring holes into sad, droopy, stretched-out slits. And time and gravity are both accomplices. 

I’m not alone with this battle. Over the past decade, the popularity of OTT earrings has surged, and also as a result, the demand to repair stretched-out earring holes is likewise on the rise. The excellent news is that there’s a quick in-office resolve that can combat the drooping: filler. Having your ears injected via hyaluronic-acid filler is ending up being a point. It’s a non-invasive method to plump up the area and lift sagging lobes. Basically, it creates extra assistance and cushion to host up hefty earrings while protecting holes from further stretching.  

The poor news is the equally hefty price: It expenses in between $500 and $700, which wouldn’t be so poor if it were a irreversible settle, however you’ll require touch-ups as soon as or twice a year. An even more permanent choice is surgical reconstruction; this takes about 30 minutes and is done under local anaesthesia, yet the price is also better, differing from $1,200 to $2,000.  

If the cost of a medi-spa visit is as well steep however you’re not ready to throw in the towel on statement earrings, stress not—there’s hope. I turned to 2 iconic Canadian jewellery designers—Jenny Bird, that has actually her own eponymous line, and also Corrine Anestopoulos of Biko—to get their insight. Here, they share their tips on exactly how to avoid even more damages and also which earring formats will give your ears oomph while disguising stretched holes. 

1. Find the ideal balance 

When Bird designs her pieces, she’s always thinking about exactly how to proccasion holes from stretching, and also a key consideration is weight distribution. “If the weight is heavier on the bottom of the earring, this rises the swing, and also swing is the opponent of healthy and balanced, toned holes,” she claims. 

2. Disguise the droop

Tbelow are plenty of styles that will certainly cover your elongated holes; Anestopoulos suggests wearing one that hugs the lobe. “Look for an earring top that covers the hole,” she says. This deserve to be done via a dramatic item or also a simple stud or hoop. 

3. Look for support 

It’s not simply about what’s happening up front; fitted backings are a have to to aid prevent additionally damage. “Don’t feel choose you constantly need to use the backings your earrings come through,” says Bird. She prefers a bullet backing over a butterfly backing, and Anestopoulos likes disc-prefer bacmajesties. “This adds comfort and helps the weight of the earrings to be distributed over a larger area and not simply the earring hole itself,” states Anestopoulos.

4. Discover your perfect fit

Do you think earrings are one-size-fits-all? So did we, yet they’re not. Earrings need to sit level versus the front of the lobe so the 2 pieces have the right to compush the ear and also assistance each various other.  Bird likens this to a sandwich. “A secure lobe sandwich requires as a lot actual estate as feasible,” she says. This ensures that much less weight is on the hole.

5. Give your lobes a night off

We know that we shouldn’t go to sleep with massive hoops, yet how about a medium or tiny pair? Best not to—both Anestopoulos and Bird say our piercings need a break, particularly if the lobes are stretched. However before, Bird warns around removal. “Be mindful as soon as you’re taking them out—frequent removal can reason damages over time.”

6. Material matters…

If your lobes are droopy however you’re craving some dangling drama, skip the beaded shoulder dusters or jewel-encrusted chandeliers and also look for towel or lightweight steel rather. “The weight of the earring is so vital,” claims Anestopoulos. “I aim to store all Biko earrings as lightweight as possible.” Bird argues choosing a hollow style. “They carry out the illusion of luxurious volume without the weight, and also tright here are numerous good tube hoops on the sector these days,” she says. 

7. And so does size 

If your piercings are currently jeopardized, you must take it basic on the size. “Earrings longer than midi-size <1.5 inches> will have actually a swing, and also that momentum is negative news,” claims Bird. 

Shop statement earrings that won’t damage your ears: 

If you’re looking to minimize damage yet additionally desperate for some drama, try among these comfortable styles with severe fashion payoff.

Single Bold Hook Stud, $60, mejuri.com

Treat yourself to these cuff-like stud earrings that hold on tight and offer extended piercings full coverage.

Ora Lobe Hugger Earrings, $160, cadettejewelry.com

Hide your extended piercings with these elegant lobe huggers.

Izzy Studs, $85, ilovebiko.com

A statement stud deserve to load a punch. These lightweight wave-influenced studs have even weight distribution, which means they won’t swing around—and also they cover holes.

The Sabines, $95, jenny-bird.ca

These high-shine side-sitting hoops provide massive on style while not being oversized. Bonus: They disguise stretched piercings.

Sachin & Babi Erin Clip-On Drop Earrings, $135, anthropologie.com

It’s no risk and all reward with these bappropriate and bold beaded clip-on earrings.

Laura Lombardi Gold Mini Curved Hollow Hoops, $110, ssense.com

These lightweight hoops are completely tubular. Pun aside, they really are hollow, which indicates they’re lightweight.

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Fringe Tassel Earrings, $8, lechateau.com

Bring on the playfulness through these lightweight tassel earrings. 

Taj Stud Earrings, $38, baublebar.com 

A hybrid of an ear jacket and a crawler, this unique style has actually a pavé-covered loop that climbs up the lobe and also cuffs around the ear to stay in area. All the drama and also none of the weight.