Even though crochet braids normally only last a few weeks, you might be able to stretch the duration of the protective style even even more if you wash and also condition your scalp with them in. It may seem prefer an impossible job as a result of the fragile nature of the style, however it deserve to be done. The principle of not being able to wash my hair was the only thing maintaining me from trying crochet braids. Now that I understand I deserve to clean my scalp and not destroy the style, I’m likely to attempt it soon. Here are 2 advantageous tutorials on washing and also conditioning your hair and scalp, while still preserving your crochet braids.

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Spray and Cleanse


This tutorial by Youtuber, Bella Deeyah, especially deals with washing your scalp. She provides a leave-in spray shampoo by Stylin’ Dreds to cleanse her scalp while it’s in sections. Next, she sprays her scalp and also then takes a rag and rubs strongly, rerelocating grime and also develop up. She repeats the process on her entire head. After cleansing, she sprays her hair and also scalp through a mixture of water and vital oils to gain back moisture. After air drying, the hair is prepared to see the worldagain.

Co-Wash and Shampoo

Funmiloves has a much more intense wash routine for her crochet braids. First, she co-waburned her scalp, making sure to apply it to many of her cornrows underneath the synthetic hair. Next, she wet her whole head from scalp to ends and also rinsed out the conditioner. After rinsing, she shampooed the synthetic hair (not the scalp) and also rinsed. She deep conditioned her fabricated hair (not the scalp) and also rinses aget. After air drying her hair, she reduced out the tangles.

Detangle and also Revive


TastePink developed this wash/maintenance routine tutorial especially for artificial crochet brassist hair layouts. The type of hair she supplies is Twin Deep Bulk Hair and it is quite long, however she stated that her routine will work for any sort of wavy/curly do. She didn’t wash her scalp, yet she did wash the actual hair. She started off using conditioner on her dry fabricated hair and worked her method up towards thescalp.

Next, she added lukewarm water to bring moisture back to her hair. After applying the water, she detangled the hair with a Denman/paddle brush. As you detangle, you may alert knots, it’s okay to reduced them out. Next, in medium sections, she 2 strand twisted the hair. After twisting, she snipped any frayed hair sticking out of the twists and also gathered every one of the hair into a hair tie.

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TastePink left the conditioner in overnight, yet I’m certain you can simply leave it in for a half hour and also then rinse. She let the hair dry and also then unraveled and also gently detangled the twists. Her curls were revived and great as brand-new. Excellent tutorial if you’d like to carry life back to you crochet braids.