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Impunity (choose the words pain, penal, and also punish) traces to the Latin noun poena, interpretation "punishment." The Latin word, subsequently, came from Greek poinē, definition "payment" or "penalty." People acting through impunity have actually triggered usage of the word since the 1500s, as in this 1660 instance by Englishguy Roger Coke: "This boundless power of doing anypoint through impunity, will only begain a confidence in emperors of doing what they list ." While royals might act through impunity even more conveniently than others, the word impunity have the right to be applied to the lowliest of beings as well as the loftiest: "Certain beetles have learned to detoxify leaves in their digestive tract so they can eat them via impunity" (Smithsonian, September 1986).

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Recent Instances on the Net These are just a few referrals that can assist to readjust the tide on addressing impunity for rape. — Dr. Ewelina U. Ochab, Forbes, 27 June 2021 At a Sunday news conference, Mayor Lori Lightfoot urged Chicagoans to finish the acrimony between ardent police proponents that say officers are hampered by overly burdensome rules and also staunch movie critics that say police officers act via impunity. — CBS News, 9 Aug. 2021 Without screening, white supremacists who get inside have the right to run via impunity, targeting Black and various other people of shade, and also recruiting others that share their views. — Jason Dearen, Star Tribune, 27 July 2021 For currently, those leaders are holding on to power -- and also are still acting through impunity. — Mohamad Bazzi, CNN, 3 Aug. 2021 The nation gaped last summer as perpetrators in complete see openly smamelted home windows with impunity, offering every one of us a see through the broken glass of what a country surrendering to disorder looks choose. — George J. Terwilliger Iii, National Review, 1 Aug. 2021 In an age once crime examination was rudimentary — crooks might adjust names quickly, and also fingerprinting was just coming into use — the Whitteeven more gang operated through impunity for around a year. — Greg Hanlon, PEOPLE.com, 30 July 2021 The Hong Kong Police Force, largely enabled to act via impunity throughout the sometimes violent protests, has been granted seemingly unlimited and also unchecked power. — Timothy Mclaughlin, The Atlantic, 27 July 2021 States have to repeal all these legislations that discriminate versus women and also permit or contribute to impunity for rape. — Dr. Ewelina U. Ochab, Forbes, 27 June 2021

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History and also Etymology for impunity

Center French or Latin; Middle French impunité, from Latin impunitat-, impunitas, from impune without punishment, from in- + poena punishment — even more at pain enattempt 1