Synonym:ebullient,extreme,extravagant,high-spirited,lush,luxuriant,overweening,profuse,riotous.Comparable words:exuberance,gubernatorial,liberal,grant,veteran,vaprovide,deliberately,utterance.Meaning:<-nt>
adj. 1. joyously unrestrained 2. unrestrained, especially through regard to feelings 3. produced or thriving in excessive abundance.

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(10) He was an exuberant conversationalist, and also I surrendered in silence to his narratives, feeling so awkward about presenting my very own.
(11) Drug revelations aside, the clintends of exuberant youth versus wily endure will be a central problem.
(13) The Last To Know is the a lot of exuberant track, assisted by a vibrant horn section and a catchy melody.
(14) The years of an exuberant commercial sector fuelling sustained development appear to be coming to an end.
(15) A neighborhood well known for exuberant high living suddenly made a decision that austerity was the much better part of valour.
(16) Tright here are extraordinarily vivid and also exuberant pictures which are countered by others which have actually an practically penitential mood to them.
(18) And here(Sentence dictionary), gaggles of exuberant fourth-graders begged for his autograph as if he were Pluto in Disneyland.
(20) Their exuberant acceptance of your ideas shown that you have come to be an expert in all elements of their demanding organization.
(21) Throughout the day the grouse drums in the woods, and the woodcock performs its exuberant routine at dawn and dusk.
(22) But these themes are constantly interspersed with even more fanciful ones: grimacing masks, weird animals, exuberant abstract patterns.
(23) Drenched in the pathos and also the rhythms of the blues, this wonderful manufacturing is at when mournful and exuberant.
(24) He had been caught by the camera in the time of an exuberant minute with his teammates, and he was sorry.
(25) The backplate of H-5 looks barren and also bland also compared to the exuberant frippery scrolled over the exact same component of H-4.
(26) The currently desolate Central Avenue at that time had the crowded, exuberant vitality of a Reginald Marsh city nightlife paint.
(27) A similar process is additionally ensuing in darts led by an exuberant Geordie commentator through a Cambridge History degree.
(29) Tina Wilkinson"s striking vocals dart over the aggressive and exuberant title track through charismatic panache.
(30) Pastel colours are gentle and also romantic, helping to restrain exuberant reds and also yellows from overwhelming the senses.

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More equivalent words:exuberance,gubernatorial,liberal,approve,veteran,vagrant,deliberately,utterance,tolerance,immiprovide,the rank and file,one after an additional,blackcurrant,over and also over,tube,sexual,sexually,sexuality,fiber,rubber,number,lumber,member,chamber,limber up,remember,a number of,subscriber,aberration,membership.