Similar words:operation,migration,AND operation,reparation,separation,celebration,frustration,integration.Meaning:<‚æbə"reɪʃn>
n. 1. a state or condition markedly different from the norm 2. a disorder in one"s psychological state 3. an optical phenomenon resulting from the failure of a lens or mirror to develop a good image.

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10. This is fashionably dismissed as a sentimental modern-day aberration, however it is how I review the figure.
11. The views expressed by Rice were not an aberration; they were a reflection of the Bush camp"s views.
14. The Tories regard it as an aberration that would be catastrophic for Britain"s mechanism of government.
15. It became exceptionally clear that the incident was not just an aberration, it was not simply a single incident.
17. This state of affairs is not, I think, an aberration, however is unpreventable in the structures of higher education.
19. He denounced democracy as a psychopathic expression of inferiority and also weaken as an aberration that have to be crumelted out of visibility.
21. Their evaluation is: get real, the high electoral turnouts and also mass parties of the postbattle period were an aberration.
23. Additional investigations are needed to identify if additionally this aberration is particular for ulcerative colitis.
24. Philosophy and also religious beliefs Locke and also the sense of sight Locke"s philistinism was in no sense an aberration.
25. All this makes a complicated pattern(nlinux.org), yet facility in treatment just if one does not recognize the resource of aberration.
27. Thatcherism was widely regarded at the time as a mad right-wing aberration which the people would not stand also for long.
28. In light of his often-brilliant and also incident-complimentary 1995-96 season, the previous year was quickly ruled an aberration.
29. To succeed in your mission, you should have actually single-minded devotion to your goal. Individuals like myself are often called "workaholics". I question this term bereason that indicates a pathological problem or an illness. If I perform what I desire even more than anypoint else in the human being and which renders me happy, such work-related have the right to never be an aberration.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

30. His was the first attempt to describe Stalinism as an aberration with the creates of Marxist analysis itself.

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More equivalent words:operation,migration,AND operation,reparation,separation,celebration,frustration,integration,expedition,corporation,immigration,cooperation,generation gap,demonstration,consideration,concentration,management,narrative,proportion,nation,equation,zocountry,education and learning,place,nationwide,donation,relation,development,isolation,violation.