If you believed the Strike objectives were tough enough in Destiny then you really haven"t watched Raids yet! Raids are the pinnacle of Destiny and only the ideal players can unlock, let alone finish these missions. Here"s a quick overview for unlocking Raids and also expertise what they"re all around.

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About Raids

Raids are co-operative missions, a level above Strikes on the obstacle scale. The initially such Rhelp in Destiny is dubbed "Vault of Glass" and also it takes area on Venus, the 3rd planet you"ll encounter. Rewards are high for this mission sindicate because it"s extremely tough.
Vault of Glass entranceRaids always require several players. In specific the Vault of Glass mission calls for 5 teammates to co-run in a Fireteam to solve puzzles and also defeat the evil inside Ishtar Sink, beyond the Citadel gate.Other Raids might call for fewer players but it depends what Bungie has planned for the future.

How to unlock Raids

Because of their tremendous difficulty, Raids are just suitable to high ranking players. You must construct your Light level well past the traditional level 20 cap, pushing towards at leastern level 25. Only when you reach that level will the Rhelp mission be unlocked.Note: Bungie"s game is an ever evolving social MMO and also new Raids are added on a weekly basis. The Vault of Glass mission unlocks on the 16th of September however many kind of others will end up being easily accessible later on.

Above Level 20 - Light Levels

Your light level is your level past 20. At level 20 you speak earning levels via suffer and also must progression by finding armour with Light stats on them. You deserve to move your cursor over the Light stat in your Equipment display screen to view how far you"ve got to go until the following level.Rare, Legendary and also Exotic items have the right to assist you rise your Light points, pushing your Light level greater. You can uncover out more about Exotic items in our other write-up.

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Rewards for Raids

Completing a Rhelp is no easy feat and also for that reason tright here are several expert level Emblems to earn in the time of the procedure. A few of these are extremely difficult to acquire though, including the Epic Raider Emblem which needs players to finish a Raid on Hard difficulty, but there"s also the Flawless Raider which needs your whole Fireteam to endure a raid without dying!Emblems List for Raids
Raider (Silver Trophy) - Complete a RaidRaiding Party (Silver Trophy) - Complete a Rhelp with a full Fireteam consisting of just your clan membersEpic Raider (Gold Trophy) - Complete a Rhelp on Hard difficultyFlawless Raider (Gold Trophy) - Complete a Raid without anyone in your Fireteam dying.