Here's how to get Ash's Greninja from Pokémon Sun and Moon's demo right into the complete game.

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If you"ve downloaded and played the demo for Pokémon Sun and also Moon, then you"ve already been presented to Ash"s Greninja. Granted, the demo doesn"t clearly say the Greninja belongs to Ash – the letter you"re sent at the begin of the demo lacks any type of kind of name or return attend to – yet Ash supplied a Greninja in the anime, so tright here isn"t a lot room for doubt. Besides, forgaining to sign a critical letter is precisely the kind of thing Ash would certainly carry out. This Pokemon Sun and Moon guide will tell you how to move Ash"s Greninja from the Demo to the Full Game.

When you play the demo, Ash"s Greninja is your primary Pokémon. It"s not just a loaner, though: Greninja is yours to keep as soon as you finish Professor Kukui"s obstacle and mop up Team Skull. By the method, once you"re all set to understand everything about what the games offer, be certain to examine out our Pokémon Sun and also Moon guides, consisting of Pokémon Sun and Moon"s ideal starter Pokémon (the many necessary alternative you"ll make in your life).

You need to transport Ash"s Greninja from the demo to the complete version of the game, once you have it. Thankfully, it"s simple to do.

How to Transfer Ash"s Greninja From the Pokémon Sun and Moon Demo into the Full Game

-Download the Pokémon Sun and also Moon Demo from the Nintenperform 3DS eShop.

-Play the demo until you finish the story portion (you"ll recognize it"s done when you view an ad video and are went back to the demo"s title screen).

-Start up the game aacquire and talk to Professor Kukui in the PokéCenter. When he asks you what you want, tell him you"d like to move items right into the full game. Select Greninja under "Pokémon." You can additionally deliver other items you picked up throughout the demo.

-Take care: If you have actually a Pokémon Sun or Moon card plugged right into your 3DS and an additional variation of the game downloaded onto your system, the Greninja and also / or items you sfinish right into the full game will certainly prioritize the card edition.


-When you begin playing the complete version of Pokémon Sun and also Moon, visit any PokéCenter. You"ll watch an NCOMPUTER standing beside the counter who"s not typically tbelow. He"ll tell you he"s a messenger, and also he"ll supply the products. You should have a clear spot in your Pokémon party to take in Greninja, so you could have to box a Pokémon initially.

-Greninja is an effective level-36 cuss, and he won"t listen to you till you"ve completed at least two Island also Challenges. Keep that in mind when you retrieve him.

Greninja"s stats, Nature, and Characteristic is stable in the Pokemon Sun and also Moon demo. However before, his stats, Nature, and also Characteristic might readjust as soon as you deliver him. In any type of situation his moveset always has Water Shuriken, Aerial Ace, Double Team, and also Night Slash. His capability is Battle Bond, which reasons it to come to be Ash-Greninja upon defeating an opposing Pokémon.

For reference, below are the stats for my own Greninja:

HP: 105 Attack: 96 Defense: 60 Speed: 138 Sp Defense: 56 Sp Attack: 101Characteristic: Alert to soundsNature: Naive

Now that you have Greninja on your team, we deserve to assist you build the very best team in Pokémon Sun and also Moon.

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