is it feasible to set the generate population. And somejust how save it?So that i deserve to double the variety of animals on our server? As the number of pets are tooo little.

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And what are the command for regenerate all animals? as del assets/bundled/prefabs/autospawn/animalsDon't seem to work-related for me.


If you want fine grained regulate over and also above what is in-depth below:

Keep in mind is is a paid plugin. I usage it and it functions well.

You deserve to search for a complete list here. Search for population.

wolf.population X, bear.populace X, etc

Controls pop per kilometres. Also regulates to change spawns per tick (I think that's exactly how it functions. spawn.tick_populations)

Execute your commands, then server.writecfg to conserve them. Be VERY cautious adjusting these worths, as you have the right to finish up via a shitton of animals and also basically brick your server.

As per respawning pets, I do not think you can as they're randomlyish spawned. You can spawn them in, but not populate the map via a command also.

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Yes you deserve to populate the map with


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