Non-Oral Piercings

You may start your aftercare regimen the morning after your piercing has been done. Remember, the goal to clean any kind of piercing properly is to water the area through sterile wound wash. Do not feel prefer the solution needs to gain right into the piercing hole or soak for any amount of time.

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(Spray your piercing thoaround via your saline 1x a day)

First take a shower while maintaining your brand-new accessory in mind. Avoid obtaining assets onto/right into your piercing site as much as feasible.

Rinse thoapproximately.

Next, spray the pierced area through the NeilMed Wound Wash for just a few secs. Do not relocate your jewelry or the area roughly your piercing while you"re spraying your wound wash.(The goal right here is to rerelocate any kind of debris from the location, not to soak.)

Finally, dry the pierced location via either a blow dryer on a cool or low warmth establishing, or you might fan the location through your hands/a piece of paper.

That"s it! super simple, huh?!


Oral Piercings

You may begin your aftercare regimen instantly.

Switch out any whitening oral care assets for a less abrasive variation. Biotene functions well.

Rinse your mouth out through water after you put anything besides water in your mouth.

You may rinse with an alcohol totally free mouthwash such as Biotene no more than when a day.

Having crumelted ice chips/Ice water on hand also, likewise functions incredibly well to assist alleviate swelling and discomfort.

The even more hydrated you are, the quicker your swelling will certainly go down.Drinking water is going to be the best point you deserve to perform while trying to heal a brand-new piercing. a healthy body is exceptionally crucial for the healing process.

What Is Normal/What can I Expect?

Redness, swelling,and some tenderness is normal for any piercing for the first few weeks.

A clear to yellowish discharge coming from the piercing channel is normal and deserve to last till said piercing is entirely healed. Itching might take place sometimes with healing piercings.

Bruising and also or bleeding does take place occasionally and also is not necessarily something to be concerned around.

What To Avoid?




Listerine or any alcohol based mouthwash


Self blended sea salt solutions

Any sort of body of water. Lakes, seas, ponds, bathtubs, swimming pools. Showers only for at least 3 months! Getting into dirty water will the majority of most likely end in infection.

Soaps of any type of kind


Antibacterial or Antimicrobial soaps or ointments

Tea Tree or Essential Oils.

Avoid Paper assets such as q-tips or paper towels. The fibers on the q-tips deserve to come off and enter your piercing site, if this happens it deserve to reason some exceptionally intense irritation. Paper towels or any kind of type of towels sit out and harbor bacteria. If you feel you have to use somepoint to clean the area a small much better,, usage pre-packaged sterile gauze pads.

Avoid sleeping straight on your brand-new piercing. The push can not only adjust the angle of your piercing, however it can cause it to swell.

Do not revolve your jewelry!



If you have actually a brand-new ear piercing, a thinner travel pillow works excellent to keep press off while you"re resting. If you don’t have actually a travel pillow you have the right to roll a clean cotton T-shirt or sheet up and also place it about the ear so that as soon as you lay on your side, there’s no straight press on your ear. Direct pressure can reason excessive swelling, redness and also can also adjust the angle of your piercing if you haven"t correctly downsized your jewelry (This is exceptionally important! don"t forgain to come in for your downsize appointment.) Sleeping through your piercing inside the hole of the pillow keeps you comfy and your piercing happy and healthy and balanced.

Make certain to come in for your downsizing appointment. Problems deserve to aincrease when jewelry does not fit correctly.

Keep up through cleanliness and hygiene. Take showers daily and also clean your bedding at least as soon as a week. Almeans exercise safe sex once healing a piercing, even if you are in a monogamous connection. Use of condoms (without spermicide) and or dental dams are crucial to maintaining a healing piercing happy and also healthy. Also, remember to listen to your body, if somepoint feels uncomfortable, stop and move on to somepoint else. Afterwards, remember to rinse well in the shower and also maybe perform another saline irrigation after sex-related tasks too.

The much less you mess through your piercing, the much faster it will certainly heal. Do not touch it! No rotating or relocating earlier and also forth. At some allude your piercing might begin to obtain itchy. This is completely normal and also it’s ideal to attempt and also disregard it completely. If you touch or scrape, you can irritate your piercing and also that can lead to a snowball result that deserve to cause more concerns to aincrease.

Avoid waxing/cutting/dying hair roughly locations your piercing is situated. If you need to gain something done, make certain you remind your stylist so she deserve to avoid snagging or acquiring product onto your piercing.

Loofahs snag very easily. Be mindful!

Do not touch or let others touch your piercing!

No swimming for at least 3 months, after the 3 months, bandage it up for another 3 if it"s absolutely essential to gain into the water.

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Avoid the sun as much as possible too. If you are going to go out, keep your piercing spanned and also ameans from the sun. For instance, a hat will certainly save the sun off of many kind of facial piercings.

DO NOT take advice from friends/family members. If you need aid troubleshooting a piercing I"ve percreated, do not hesitate to call me via my contact page. Wound wash is available for purchase in shop!