I did it incredibly carefully via my Levi's slim fit trucker. It was a Small, yet I'm a thin dude, so the shoulders were drooping.

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I did a Warm/Cold wash, and also then with my dryer on Permanent Press, tossed it in for 5 minutes at a time. Took it out, put it on, made sure things remained the very same, then went aget.

The shoulders still aren't perfect, yet they're simply appropriate at my shoulders and I don't desire to danger ruining it.

Keep the jacket and also cuffs buttoned and also TURN THE JACKET INSIDE OUT or else you'll threat having actually the butloads and also the holes no longer lining up properly.

I'm assuming this was the initially wash? I've believed about doing this for a jacket I've had for two years now. Will it not work?

What color wash did you have? I have actually one of the "water-less" ones in a darker indigo (not raw, however what they contact "rigid"). I'd be ok via it getting a tad lighter yet not a lot...

I number if it shrinks evenly it could be. If you find out just how to, let me understand, I've had one that's a dimension large even if it says tool.

I tried it once like an idiot by washing a Levi trucker super warm.

I'm sure there's methods to carry out it appropriate, however that wasn't one of 'em and currently the jacket looks p stupid (didn't shrink evenly).

I stupidly did the exact same. Luckily it came out pretty evenly. I greatly wanted the waist to be slightly more tapered and for it to be a tiny less lengthy. Everything is perfect now yet the shoulders are just a wee little tiny. Overall though I got lucky and also it looks excellent.

I've done this before for a raw denim chore coat that came in also big so here's what I did to gain it to fit perfectly:

Wash it individually in your standard washing machine (I know!) with Woolite Dark

Throw it in the dryer until completely dry.

Throw it earlier into the washing machine (detergent optional but you don't need it).

Hang dry.

Repeat until it fits.

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