So you desire to sell on eBay however do not desire to use PayPal to procedure payments? No trouble. Although PayPal is the default payment method, you carry out have alternatives. You can accept wire transfers and money orders for certain listing categories, you can create your own vendor account, use Skrill or ProPay, or market payment on pickup for any type of listing.

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Skrill, formerly recognized as Moneybookers, is an virtual payment company accepted on eBay, Skype, and other websites. First, register at When you market an object on eBay, the buyer will inspect out through his create of payment, which is then processed and sent out to your Skrill account. ProPay is a similar alternate to PayPal. You should sign up at After the eBay buyer checks out, his payment is sent out immediately to your ProPay account. Neither of these PayPal choices needs the buyer to authorize up for anypoint, and both administer eBay"s seller defense. However before, as through PayPal, eBay collects fees from sellers.

An alternative to signing up for Skrill or ProPay is to accept credit card payments to your Net seller account straight with eBay checkout. You should have an Internet merchant account -- a financial institution account that permits you to accept payments by delittle bit or crmodify card online -- and also carry out eBay through your payment gateway account. The buyer will certainly pay using the Pay Now switch, and the payment is secucount processed digital from eBay checkout via your payment gatemethod. You will then get an email notice of payment. Although eBay does not charge a fee, consider the crmodify card handling fees charged by your merchant financial institution before choosing this option.

Ebay additionally enables in-perboy payments, called payment upon pickup. Forms of payment upon pickup incorporate checks, money orders, cash, PayPal or crmodify card. When you compose your listing, specify which of these payment methods you are willing to accept. Be mindful about accepting checks or money orders, bereason if they don"t clear after the buyer has actually picked up the item, you have actually fewer choices for refixing the trouble than if you had embraced cash or a credit card. Be careful when arvarying in-person meetings. Take a friend and also try to arvariety a meeting in a public place, not at your house.

You can accept payments by individual inspect, cashier"s examine, bank-to-bank transfers or money order for certain eBay categories. These forms of payment are limited to funding devices, actual estate, adult just and some motors categories. For eBay Motors vehicles transactions, you deserve to use, eBay"s apconfirmed escrow organization.

Remember, never accept overpayments from buyers, specifically if the buyer asks to be reimbursed. This is likely part of a counterfeit cashier"s inspect system. Also, you can"t require buyers to pay making use of techniques you didn"t incorporate in your listing.

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