I desire to say "what the hell", "what the f***", or "what the heck" in nlinux.org and also have actually come throughout the following translations:

¡Qué mierda!

¡Qué demonios!

Which of these is the the majority of organic translation to convey what I am trying to say? Is tright here yet one more translation what is supplied even more than the above two? Please cite your nation so that one have the right to understand also what area your response involves.

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I"m from the north of Spain.

The the majority of usual translations here for "What the hell" and derivatives might be:

¿Qué cojones?¡Pero qué cojones!¿Qué coño?¡Pero qué coño!¿Qué mierda?¡Pero qué mierda!¿Qué puta mierda?¡Pero qué puta mierda!

Typically the expressions beginning through "Pero" are supplied as an exclamation, while the expressions without it generally condevelops concerns, prefer in "¿Qué cojones está pasando?", although it"s not constantly the case.



In Mexico we say:

¡Qué chingados!¡Pero qué chingados!¡Qué mierda!¡Pero qué mierda!¡Qué pedo!¡Pero qué pedo!¡Qué puta madre!¡Pero qué puta madre!

Sometimes "chingados" is spelled and/or pronounced as "chingaos".


I have actually heard (and watched on subtitles):Yo he oícarry out (y visto en subtítulos):

¿Qué diablos?¿Qué rayos?

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