In Limp Biskit’s “Take a Look Around” they usage this phrase I uncover pretty cool. “Life is a lesboy, you learn it when you are through”. So basically the leskid never ends, till you die.

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I’ve been interpretation to come through an excellent translation, a brief formal one preferably. These are some choices I think can be acceptable but not certain. What carry out you think? Which of these are correct? Which or what would certainly be an excellent way? What would certainly be even more formal / polite options?

1) 人生は教訓。終わったら学ぶ。2) 人生は教訓。終わりに学ぶ。3) 人生は教訓。あなたはそれは終わったら学ぶ。4) 人生は教訓。それは終わるまで学べない。5) 人生は教訓。それは終わるまで学べられない。6) 人生は教訓です。それは終わるまで学べないもの7) 人生は人生終わった時まで学べない教訓です8) 人生は終わった時まで学べない教訓です



The literal translation is "人生はレッスン, 終わった時にそれを学ぶ". It is hard to translate "Lesson" in "Life is a lesson" right into an correct word.

I think 教訓 is not appropriate for the expression. There are many type of more herbal means of saying the expression and also I think 人生死ぬまで勉強 is ideal and also the most widespread method of saying it.


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