In 1960, 15-year-old Amerihave the right to singer Brenda Lee reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart with her hit song “I’m Sorry.”

Everyone knows that saying sorry isn’t straightforward.

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But if a teenaged Brenda Lee have the right to admit she was a fool in front of the entire nation, you can say sorry, as well.

Expushing remorse or apologizing is an important ability to understand once learning a brand-new language.

After all, miscommunications take place commonly and also social distinctions might reason someone’s habits to be misunderstood as rude.

Luckily, tbelow are many means to say sorry in Russian. I suppose, just look at the Russian translation of the initially line of Brenda Lee’s “I’m Sorry”:

I’m sorry, so sorryThat I was such a fool.

Прости, мне очень жаль,Что я была так глупа.

Whether you plan to belt out your apology prefer Ms. Lee or quietly write it in an email, review on to learn how to say sorry in Russian. Download: This blog post is accessible as a convenient and portable PDF that you have the right to take almost everywhere. Click below to acquire a copy. (Download)

How to Say Sorry in Russian: Essential Phrases for a Heartfelt Apology

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Two Verbs to Say “Sorry” in Russian: Извинить and Простить

Tbelow are 2 Russian verbs which are provided for apologies: извинить and простить. The distinctions between these two words are subtle, yet carry out exist.

Извинить is used broadly, regularly in formal situations, once the apology is for somepoint small or once the apology is called for due to social expectations.

Извинить comes from 2 words: вина (fault) and the presolve из, a Russian preplace that indicates “out of.” When the presettle and also stem come together, извинить indicates to rerelocate fault.

Извините, что беспокою Вас. (Sorry to bother you.)

Извините меня (Excuse me) is regularly provided when passing very closely to someone or bumping into a stranger by accident.

Простить has actually a slightly various meaning. This verb is frequently provided once someone has actually been offended and also the perchild inflicting the offense wants to acunderstanding what they’ve done and also solve it.

Прости меня, моя любовь. (Forprovide me, my love.)

Прости меня отец, ибо я согрешил. (Forgive me, father, for I have actually sinned.)

Простить is likewise used more often in composed form, whereas извинить is wanted as soon as speaking.

Using Извинить and Простить in Context

A straightforward means of knowledge the distinction is that извинить is often analyzed as “to excuse” whereas простить is even more often translated as “to forprovide.”

The majority of apologies made in Russian will contain either извинить or простить. It’s vital to take note that both verbs deserve to be adapted for informal or formal contexts. For instance, извини or прости would be provided once addressing a friend, household member or loved one. However, you shouldn’t use those short develops for a stranger, boss, elder or anyone for whom you have to demonstrate respect. In formal cases, be certain to usage извините and also простите.


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Commonly Used Phrases for Apologizing in Russian

To give you more context, right here are some examples of widespread phrases and also sentences you deserve to usage to say “I’m sorry” in Russian:

Извините/Простите, пожалуйста (I’m sorry / Excuse me / Forgive me, please)

Извините, пожалуйста and also Простите, пожалуйста convey that the speaker is being at the same time apologetic and deferential. This is the the majority of prevalent phrase used to apologize in Russian and deserve to be supplied as a default phrase in virtually any type of case.

You’re more than likely currently acquainted through the term пожалуйста (please). Here, combining пожалуйста through among the words above provides for an extremely effective apology via a formal tone:

Простите, пожалуйста, что перебиваю Вас. (Please foroffer me for interrupting you.)

It can additionally be provided to acquire someone’s attention or research something, particularly via Извините:

Извините, пожалуйста. Вы не могли бы передать соль? (Excuse me please. Can you pass the salt?)

Да, конечно. (Yes, of course.)

Мне очень жаль (I’m extremely sorry)

This is one more catch-all phrase that’s practical to understand because it deserve to be provided to apologize or express regret or condolences. (For those maintaining track, this one also appeared in the Russian translation of Brenda Lee’s “I’m Sorry.”)

Мне очень жаль, но я не согласен. (I’m extremely sorry, but I disagree.)

Мне очень жаль might be supplied to suppose “I’m exceptionally sorry” in the conmessage of a funeral. You can additionally substitute it via the phrase Мои соболезнования (My condolences).

Сожалею (I regret)

You can usage this word to voice regret. For example:

Сожалею, что не проводил больше времени с отцом до его смерти. (I regret I didn’t spfinish even more time with father prior to his death.)

Сожалею, что не учусь больше в университете. (I regret not examining even more throughout university.)

Сожалею is likewise an choice for those looking to expush condolences:

Я сожалею о Вашей утрате. (I am sorry for your loss.)

It’s essential to note that Сожалею is typically considered formal. It’s generally offered in main records, formal speeches or in the visibility of high-ranking, political leaders.

Извините / Простите за беспокойство (Sorry for bothering you)

Words беспокойство implies concern, worry, stress, trouble or disturbance.

Because of this, this sentence is frequently supplied when you’re interrupting someone and also taking their time away from one more job. This sentence acknowledges that you’re imposing on someone or distracting them from somepoint that may be even more essential.

Простите за беспокойство. Вы знаете, где находится офис директора? (Sorry for bothering you. Do you know wbelow the director’s office is located?)

Keep in mind that извинить would certainly additionally be appropriate in this sentence; just substitute it for Простите.

Прошу прощения за… (I apologize for…)

Inevitably, you’ll want to apologize for something in particular.

Прошу прощения is typically a formal apology and is frequently adhered to by за + accusative situation to apologize for just about anything:

Прошу прощения за разбитое зеркало. (I apologize for the damaged mirror.)

For many type of of us, life gets in the means, so it’s widespread for us to should apologize for running late. Russians aren’t known for being the a lot of punctual world, but this is an useful phrase to recognize nonethemuch less. Chances are at some allude you’ll be late to satisfy someone and require this expression, or you might hear this from a tardy companion upon his arrival:

Прошу прощения за опоздание. (I apologize for being late.)

Conversely, Прошу прощения might be used via за то, что which basically suggests “for the fact that.” For example:

Прошу прощения за то, что мы забыли твой день рождения. (I apologize for we foracquired your birthday.)

You deserve to likewise sindicate leave out the за то, что and also put a comma in place instead:

Прошу прощения, я неправильно понял. (I beg your pardon, I misunderstood.)

Now that you know just how to give an apology, you should also have the ability to receive and also respond to one.

Responding to Apologies in Russian

Apologizing is a two-means street. If you’re saying “I’m sorry” or “excusage me” in Russian, you’ll desire to know what response to look for, to recognize if your apology has actually been welcomed.

Most of these replies have the right to be provided in formal or informal cases.

Я прощаю Вас / тебя (I foroffer you)

It’s not terribly prevalent to say “I forprovide you” as it’s rather formal. But this expression is supplied sometimes. For instance, you can use it to talk to your Russian teacher, given that student-teacher relationships in Russia are very formal by nature. If you were to arrive late to class, you’d the majority of most likely say:

Прошу прощения за опоздание. (I apologize for being late.)

To which the teacher, specifically one who stays by Old World criteria can reply:

Я прощаю Вас. (I foroffer you.)

Всё в порядке (Everything is ok)

Perhaps you’re assigned a job by your boss and also satisfy the needs wrongly. You could say:

Прошу прощения, я неправильно понял инструкции. (I beg your pardon, I misinterpreted the instructions.)

Being a forgiving boss, he might reply:

Всё в порядке. (Everypoint is ok.)

Ничего страшного (Nothing’s wrong / It’s no significant deal)

This phrase is intended to simply brush off a minor incident. For instance, if you forgain a friend’s birthday, you could say:

Извини, я забыл твой день рождения. Я не купил тебе подарок! (Sorry I forobtained your birthday. I didn’t buy you a present!)

And your friend could respond:

Ничего страшного. (Nothing’s wrong. It’s alright.)

Or even:

Серьёзно, ничего страшного. (Seriously, it no big deal.)

Ладно (It’s ok)

Here’s an additional excellent alternative for informal cases.

If you’ve ever tried to cook a meal for a brand-new love interemainder, you might find it doesn’t go perfectly the first time. In which situation, you may must say:

Мне жаль, что еда была слишком соленая. (I’m sorry the meal was also salty.)

Most likely, your day will appreciate your effort and respond:

Ладно (It’s ok.)

Бывает (It happens)

Similarly, if you live a hectic way of living, your household and friends may be accustomed to your forgetfulness.

My husband was when meant to pick up our 8-year-old from institution. He drove to the institution and also received a phone call before he acquired out of the auto, so he took the speak to, and also once it was over, he drove residence without our daughter!

Apparently, he wasn’t the initially parent to perform this.

He returned to the institution, and also apologized to the teacher who graciously looked after our daughter:

Простите! Мне позвонили и я забыл, что делал. Я поехал домой без дочери. (I’m so sorry! I received a phone call and also foracquired what I was doing. I went home without my daughter.)

To which the teacher calmly shrugged her shoulders and also said:

Бывает. (It happens.)

Probability tells us that at some point we’ll all be виноваты (guilty) of somepoint.

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The over phrases should assist you convey your apologies to whomever before you offfinish.

And when the shoe’s on the other foot, try your best to present forgiveness. After all: Бывает (It happens.) Download: This blog post is easily accessible as a convenient and also portable PDF that you can take all over. Click right here to gain a copy. (Download)