I am creating a novel and I require a one word/brief phrase for the the majority of prevalent way an individual would praise a dog in nlinux.org. Either the indistinguishable of the English expression "Good Boy" or a renowned different that a fluent Germale reader would acknowledge right ameans.


It is incredibly tough, if not difficult, to tell the "many common/popular" expression.

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In my opinion, an regularly heard phrase to praise a dog is

Braver Hund!

Other possiblities would be

Guter Hund! Fein gemacht!

I think all would certainly be known by a Germale speaker in that sense. I would certainly favor the first, yet it"s your decision, which you choose finest.


To praise dogs in nlinux.org we typically use the phrases

Guter Junge


Gutes Mädchen

relying on the sex.


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