In this leschild, we will certainly learn just how to tell time in Spanish. Telling time is an essential thing to know just how to doand discovering exactly how to tell time in Spanish is not a daunting task as you simply should learn some fundamental rules.

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How to ask for What time is it in Spanish?

To ask for the moment or to say What time is it?/What is the time? in Spanish, usage this expression:

¿Qué hora es? = What time is it?

"¿Qué hora es?" is tantamount to “What time is it” or “What is the time” in English. Remember to ask for the time in the singular.

How to ask “At what time” in Spanish?

¿A qué hora…? = What time perform...?

Let"s take a look at some examples below:

¿A qué hora nos vamos? - What time are we leaving?

¿A qué hora te levantas? - What time carry out you get up?

¿Cuánto tiempo te lleva/toma limpiar tu casa? - How lengthy does it take you to clean your house?

How to tell time in Spanish?

Here we will showyou some major rulesthat you require toknow as soon as telling, saying, or creating time in Spanish.

1. Ser = to be

This is the just verb that you must know once informing the time.Its singular develop ises la(it is) and also the plural develop ischild las(they are).


“es la” is just offered as soon as the hour is one o’clockUse “son las” for all various other hours

es la/kid las + number = it’s…o’clock

Let"s take a look at some examples below:

Son las dos - It"s two o"clock

Es la una - It"s one o"clock

Son las cinco - It"s five o"clock

Son las when - It"s elalso o"clock

See also:Numbers in Spanish.

2. Telling the time utilizing hrs and also minutes

Tell the initially fifty percent hour

Son las + hour + y + number of minutes

For example:

Son las siete y seis - It"s 7:06

Son las as soon as y diez - It"s 11:10

Tell the second half hour

Son las + the following hour + menos + the amount of minutes staying till the complying with hour

For example:

Son las when menos veinte - It"s 10:40

Es la una menos veinticinco - It"s 12:35

3. How to say half and quarter in Spanish?

If you desire to suggest that it’s the fifty percent hour, then, usage “media” (half) rather of “treinta” which implies “thirty” in Spanish.

Son las + hour + y media

For example:

Son las tres y media – It’s 3:30

“Cuarto” is supplied to say “a quarter” rather of “quince” (fifteen).

Son las + the next hour + menos cuarto

For example:

Son las tres menos cuarto - It"s 2:45


Telling time in Spanish

4. How to say it’s noon or midnight in Spanish

Es mediodía - It"s noonEs medianoche - It"s midnight

5. How to say AM or PM in Spanish?

In Spanish, “manana” is offered for morning, “tarde” for afternoon, and “noche” is provided for night or evening. Remember to include “de la” prior to these words to indicate that it’s in the morning/evening/afternoon and also it’s specific time. For no certain time, use “por la” rather.

For examples:

Es la una de la mañana - It"s one o"clock in the morning

Son las seis de la noche - It"s six o"clock in the evening

Son las cinco de la tarde - It"s 5 o"clock in the afternoon

6. Usual words and also phrases as soon as telling the time in Spanish

a tiempo - on timeen punto - exactlytarde - latetemprano – earlyayer - yesterdayanoche - last nightmañana por la mañana - tomorrow morningel lunes que viene - following Mondayla semana que viene - next weekel año que viene - next year

See also:Days of the week and also months of the year in Spanish.

For examples:

Son las cinco más o menos - It"s about 5 o"clock.

Es la una en punto - It"s exactly one o"clock.

El programa comienza a las 7 de la mañana -The show starts at 7 in the morning.

La fiesta comienza a las 10 de la noche -The party starts at 10 at night.

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Mañana leeré (por) varias horas -Tomorrow I’ll review for a number of hrs.