It’s really prevalent to be greeted with “Blessed Be!” in the witchcraft area, but it’s really not supposed to be a greeting. So wbelow did the expression “blessed be” come from, and why perform most witches use it to greet each other? Let’s check out.

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It’s difficult to tell wright here a phrase prefer “Blessed Be” originates. It’s component of a bigger expression in the bible, “blessed be the name of the lord”. And has actually undoubtedly appeared in other areas before being penned in Gardner’s book of shadows. In Wicca, it’s component of a ritual, the five-fold kiss-

“Blessed be thy feet, which have actually carried thee in these ways,

Blessed be thy knees, that shall kneel at the sacred altar,

Blessed be thy womb, without which we would not be,

Blessed be thy breasts, formed in beauty,

Blessed be thy lips, that shall utter the Sacred Names of the gods.”

This is the phrase’s the majority of influential use in witchcraft. I’ve never before heard of it offered for anypoint outside this routine, and also as soon as I made a decision to write this item, I searched many Wiccan messages and also uncovered nothing. Several of the Wichave the right to publications I looked at began by greeting the reader via the phrase, but none ever pointed out why they usage it or where it came from.

So why is it a greeting?

Many faiths have a greeting. Christians, for instance, say god bmuch less you. But if you’re not christian and you don’t think in their god, that greeting does little bit for you. “Blessed be”, as a greeting, deserve to apply to anyone. It asindicators no deity to the greeting and simply wishes happiness and also blessings upon the recipient. If you’re a pagan, particularly if you were increased in an additional religious beliefs, you may desire a greeting that represents your beliefs. Something besides an plain “hello” that represents a piece of you.

Should you usage Blessed Be?

That’s not really for me to say. As someone that isn’t Wichave the right to, I don’t say it. Knowing wright here it originates from in paganism transforms the meaning for me. It’s a very high honor in Wicca, the five-fold kiss, which renders it feel one-of-a-kind.

Tbelow are some Wiccans who don’t feel it’s correct to use as a greeting. Tright here are some that do, but only to those they’re cshed to. And some who usage it freely.

It’s crucial to note that “Blessed Be” is likewise just supplied as a goodbye by some Wiccans, yet we greatly view it supplied as a greeting.

What around Merry Meet?

“Merry Meet”, in a pagan conmessage, is also generally Wichave the right to. It is occasionally featured in a variation of the Rede. “Merry fulfill and also merry part, bideal the cheeks and also warm the heart”. It is occasionally offered as a chant for cshedding a circle. “Merry meet, merry component, and merry accomplish aget.” But Merry Meet doesn’t have actually as clear Wichave the right to beginnings as blessed be, nor as a lot definition within Wicca. Merry satisfy is provided as a greeting, just as it remained in olde english.

It’s a greeting that I, as pagan but not Wicdeserve to, feel a lot even more comfortable using. It’s not an obviously spiritual greeting, but it’s still recognizable as a pagan greeting.

So why am I composing this?

Many witches don’t understand the origin. Right currently, our area is teeming with new witches(which is great!) yet behavior prefer greeting people through “Blessed be” are picked up because it’s end up being so common, and also not much thought is offered to where it originates from. It’s essential to understand wright here the expression originates. It may adjust the definition for you and you may not desire to usage it anyeven more. It may make the expression feel favor you should use it even more reverently. No issue how you feel, it enables you to make an indeveloped decision and also recognize why you choose to say it.

Often, I’ve had actually world, non pagans, say “blessed be” to me, thinking they’re being nice and also inclusive of my beliefs, when I’m not Wiccan and also the expression doesn’t host the same meaning to me. It’s a type point, to try and also accept beliefs you aren’t familiar through, but they don’t know what the expression suggests or where it comes from or that not all pagans usage it. Just last week, among my friends confessed that they believed, considering that I was pagan, that I was Wiccan. They thought they were the very same point.

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I’ve discovered that, in our present area, “merry meet” is used much much less than “blessed be”, however it may be a preferable alternative. Either method, it’s great to know our history and why we perform what we perform.