Guide: How to Rerelocate MOTO G 4th Gen Amazon Lock Screen Ads and BloatWare.This guide will certainly aid you to Rerelocate Amazon Ads and also Bloatware from Moto G4 2016

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Moto G4 is the latest tool to sign up with the Moto G family members.This is the latest Mid-range device from Lenovo.The gadget is the successor to the Moto G3.Amazone is selling Moto G4 devices at an extremely well discounted price and also that is the primary reason why world are buying the Moto G4.This is optional you can buy Moto G4 with consistent price through no ads or you can buy at 50$ discounted price with amazon lock display ads.

In our opinion buy Moto G4 / G4 Plus at a discounted price is a greatdeal bereason you have the right to easily Remove MOTO G 4th Gen Amazon Lock Display Ads and also BloatWare.Follow the steps offered listed below to safely remove MOTO G 4th Gen Amazon Lock Screen Ads and also Bloatware

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This guide is just for Moto G fourth gen (tested on the XT1625 and XT1644)Make certain you have actually Motorola Drivers installed

How to Rerelocate MOTO G 4th Gen Amazon Lock Screen Ads and also BloatWare


Now boot your Moto G4 right into fastboot mode (Volume Dvery own + Power)Now Download RSDlite 6.2.4 and Amazon bloat ads remover from Pre-requirement area then extract itNext, open RSDlite 6.2.4 and pick remove-amazon-bloat.xmlPress START to strat the ads removing process.Once the process is completed, reboot your deviceDone!! all ads and bloatware need to be goneFor rooted usersIf you have actually a rooted device through unlocked bootloader then you have the right to directly flash the image by issuing the following command also.

fastboot flash oem oem.imgOnce you worry the command and also hit enter the process will certainly startAnd once the procedure is finiburned, simply reboot your deviceDone!!! all the Amazon apps and lock screen ads should be gone.If you have actually any kind of question pertained to this post, feel cost-free to leave that in the comment section