You might be perplexed about exactly how to reload in The Last of Us 2 given that there’s not a specialized button for the action. Unfortunately, because of just how sluggish your character often tends to refill, going into a battle with your firearm completely loaded is essential. This is particularly true at higher challenges as soon as having a completely loaded weapon is the difference in between life and also death.

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How to reload in The Last of Us 2


Instead of using a committed reload button, The Last of Us 2 needs you to percreate an action that might seem counter-intuitive. To refill your weapon in TLOU2, you have to push the R2 button as soon as not aiming. If you discover yourself confused around refilling the magazine in the game, that’s not surpincreasing. In the majority of games, if you push the fire switch, your character will certainly still shoot also as soon as you’re not aiming.

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All the guns in the game follow this typical repack pattern. However, the bow is a one-of-a-kind case here. When you hold L2, Ellie will certainly nock an arrow. By aiming and also holding the fire switch, your character will draw the bowstring and also prepare to let loose. In this case, you might want to cancel the action. To cancel firing the bow, simply release the aim switch.

As a dominion, the more effective the gun, the longer it takes to refill. This is something you’ll want to keep in mind once picking which weapon to usage. Thankcompletely, numerous of the guns have upqualities that expand magazine capacity or refill speed. These upqualities are extremely advantageous given that the default repack time for each weapon, even the faster ones like the handgun, is fairly slow.

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Unfortunately, there’s no way to expand also your default ammo capacity. It doesn’t make sense that your character only carries roughly 2 magazines for each weapon. I expect we’re meant to suspend disidea for that.

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