All LinkedIn customers have both a default public LinkedIn profile URL and also a complete LinkedIn profile URL. The public profile is what human being that aren’t linked to you watch as soon as they search for you on LinkedIn. The exclusive profile is what people in your LinkedIn relations largely check out as soon as they inspect you as a link.

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Tbelow are a number of troubles via the default public profile URL, including the fact that the URL is lengthy, clunky, and also difficult for world to discover in search engines…and also those are its excellent traits!

The default public profile likewise doesn’t fit well inside an email, on a organization card, or on a banner. What you want is a much shorter snappier LinkedIn URL that you have the right to usage in correspondence, marketing materials, Web pperiods, signatures, and in various other places wright here a long URL isn’t appropriate.

In much less than 500 words, here’s just how you create your own (relatively) brief customized LinkedIn URL, such as

Note: This post was updated in July 2015 from its original version.

Customized public LinkedIn URLs are free for both standard accounts and also upgraded LinkedIn accounts. They’re additionally straightforward to develop. Before I put in a customized URL, my public LinkedIn URL looked somepoint choose this.*1_*1_*1_*1_*1_*1&trk=NUS_CONN-connte /* not an actual LinkedIn URL, however dang close */

Not really suitable for a Internet website or anything else, is it? Using LinkedIn utilities, I readjusted my public LinkedIn URL and also currently it looks prefer this.

Much better for posting and also searching. Here’s just how I did it and also how you can execute it, too.

Go into Edit Profile on your complete LinkedIn profile. Click on the bit equipment displayed alongside your LinkedIn URL. If the little bit gear isn’t reflecting on the LinkedIn Edit Profile display, relocate your mouse over the location where it have to be (displayed here) and also the gear may present up. In some instances, the word Edit might show up next to your URL. Click on either the gear or the word Edit alongside your URL to obtain to the next screen.


LinkedIn will take you to your Public Profile page. On the right-hand also column of this web page, look for an area that says Your public profile URL. Under that area, you’ll check out the existing URL assigned to your LinkedIn profile. Click on the liitle pencil icon alongside your current URL to readjust that attach.


LinkedIn will certainly now let you enter a unique URL for your profile that starts via the resolve You might get a box that looks choose the number below or LinkedIn may simply let you modify your present URL. To acquire your own customized profile, all you need to execute is enter the last 5-30 personalities of your distinct URL. After enattempt, click Set Custom URL or Save, and also LinkedIn will certainly set up a unique public LI profile URL that is customized to you.


Your distinct URL will certainly be produced utilizing the format ‘ ID’. Note: you won’t have the ability to enter spaces, signs, or specific special characters into your distinct ID name. In my situation, I gone into ‘’ as the last component of my URL. Now I have a distinct LinkedIn URL of that takes readers directly to my public LinkedIn page.

I can usage this URL on my Web site, company cards, banners, documents, or any type of various other area wbelow a long LinkedIn resolve would certainly be awkward.

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And that’s just how you collection a customized LinkedIn URL that points directly to your public profile.

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