I keep stumbling across a specific sentiment and also I want to check out what you, our readers, need to say about it. Scrolling through Instagram, I experienced it on Supa Cent’s page.

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Source: Instagram

Supa, prefer so many various other woguys, make statements choose this all the moment, saying that being “checked” or “put in your place” is also a sex-related turn on.

Then last night, as soon as I was watching “Married At First Sight” Sam, one of the women in the 3 marriages, as soon as asked to explain her appropriate male, sassist she was searching for a male that would certainly be assertive, adright here to standard sex duties and put her in her place if she needed it.

Tbelow it was… aobtain. This “put you in your place” approach is so pervasive.

But there’s something around it that always renders me wince.

Placed you in your area.

Does this remind anyone else of boy being put in a edge for timeout once they’ve been cutting up all day? There’s somepoint disturbingly patriarchal around the idea that your guy, your romantic partner, having to act as your father to scold you for getting out of line.

And that determines this so called place? Is it really something you have figured out as your very own or is it somepoint society has conditioned woguys to accept? Is this place subordinate to your man or are you still his equal after he puts you in shelp place?

That’s the worst case scenario. In a healthy connection someone “putting you in your place” could be them recognizing that you’re acting out of character, you’re doing something that you could regret tomorrow and they’re reminding you of who you are. There’s nothing wrong with that. Not just that, we should suppose that from anyone we love and have a cshed relationship via, friends, family, boos and so on.

I’m appreciative as soon as human being who understand me, assist me acquire back on track. It shows not just perform they know me, they treatment about me.

But for some reason, I only hear women wanting to be “put in their place” by the males via whom they’re romantically involved.


I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out that a lot of womales seem to want to be “put in their place” after they’ve attempted to test their partners manhood.

For circumstances, through Sam on “Married At First Sight,” the notion that she wanted a male that was assertive and would certainly put her in her location was utterly shocking considering she invested a majority of their honeymoon finding brand-new ways to call her husband also much less than a man. The man was a “pu$$y,” “not a manly man,” a “b*tch,” you name it.

When he finally told her that these names were bothering him, somepoint that you would think goes without explanation, she acquired mad at him saying that if he had actually a problem with the means she spoke to him, he should resolve it in the minute. Now, I’ll offer her that. She has a allude tbelow.But you don’t need to be a partnership expert to know that your substantial other doesn’t want to be made to feel less than through insulting descriptors.

I don’t think it’s also much of a stretch to suggest that she was just doing this to obtain a climb out of him, a reaction. Putting her in her place would certainly assert his manliness and possibly his supremacy over her.

How romantic!

The idea is not new. There’s a meme for that too.


And you know, if it exists in a meme, it’s somebody’s reality.

We all know womales who feel choose the only way a guy deserve to prove that he loves her is him trying to assert his prominence over her.

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I just don’t understand why that’s a point. People talk about ending up being one and also my better fifty percent and also all that yet is that feasible if a person is lording over you like more a parent instead of a companion.