Do you desire to learn some holiday songs on the recorder?Are you searching for fun means to enhance your recorder-playing skills?Jingle Bells is a forever-well-known tune many kind of students love discovering to play on the recorder. It has actually some complex parts to it, which is why I chose to think earlier over my years of teaching music and also recorder to assist you out via the Jingle Bells recorder sheet music and instructions on just how to play it. The Jingle Bells notes for recorder supplies the notes D, E, G, A, B, C, high D, and high E. The rhythms are simple, but the leaps in the melody make this a relatively difficult Christmas song. Let’s dive into the melody and also just how to play it. Warning! Cambridge released an article detailing the holiday song’s questionable background as a Minstrel song. For this factor, I don’t recommend teaching it in schools any kind of longer. 
Jingle Bells Recorder NotesJingle Bells Recorder Sheet MusicHow To Play Jingle Bells On The Recorder#1 Master The First 2 Measures#2 C-B Switching Time#3 Repeat But Note The Ending#4 Put The Chorus Together#5 Practice The Leaps#6 Placed Them With Each Other One At A Time#7 First Run Of The Verse#8 2nd Ending Of The Verse#9 Placed The Verse Together#10 Perdevelop The Whole Song! Final Thoughts

Jingle Bells Recorder Notes

The notes on the recorder for this Christmas song are the toughest part of finding out it. The rhythms aren’t difficult, and also the students recognize the melody so well from simply listening to it over the years, they’ll be able to pick it up pretty conveniently, as lengthy as they know exactly how the notes go. The recorder notes are: DEGABCHigh DHigh EMost of the notes are easy. Use the beginner recorder fingering chart at the finish of this section to aid learn them if you don’t currently. The trickiest note here will be high E. To play high E, you must finger a low E through a twist. The front fingers are the very same. You’ll cover the 1, 2, 3 holes with your left hand also and also the 4, 5 holes through your best hand also. Your thumb is still on the thumb hole, however to make a note jump up an octave, you’ll should usage the half-hole method. Cover only fifty percent the hole with your thumb. This may take exercise to perfect, but relocate your thumb off the hole slowly and slightly intensify your air until the note jumps up. Take the moment to jump from low E to high E just by moving your thumb. This will certainly aid in the long run. 

photo fundamental recorder fingering chart

Jingle Bells Recorder Sheet Music

Take a look at the sheet music for the recorder in this area (Also, inspect out Silent Night on recorder here). Take note of the different sections and also their labels. The labels in this instance are for helping through the practice steps in the directions of the next area. The notation is courtesy of, which you have to examine out! 

How To Play Jingle Bells On The Recorder

In this section, I’ll go over the step I require to teach this song to others (when I supplied to teach it). Reference the sheet music as frequently as necessary. If you want even more holiday songs on recorder, check out the Recorder Christmas Tunes book. It has a ton of fun songs, and each song has actually the letters created right right into the note heads for less complicated analysis and also finding out. 

#1 Master The First 2 Measures

The initially 2 measures are pretty straightforward, so let’s start via a win. The tricky component is going from B-D-G-A. Practice this component progressively and also get it solid. It mirrors up a couple of times, so it’s worth it to spend the time making sure it’s solid. 

#2 C-B Switching Time

Now, we’re looking at the next parts. At this suggest, C to B switching is more than likely pretty easy for you. If it’s not, gradually different between C and B to gain that feeling dvery own solid in your fingers. 

#3 Repeat But Keep in mind The Ending

After this, the totality thing repeats…except the ending. Take a look at the finishing of the repetition. It almost appears stepwise, however you’re skipping B. In truth, this was just how I first learned it as a son. D-D-C-A-G. 

#4 Put The Chorus Together

Before relocating on to the verse, you need to make certain the chorus is solid. Start slow and also make certain each fingering is sure, and also each note sounds good. Small mistakes currently will certainly rotate into significant mistakes as soon as you put the totality song together. Some world speak right here via discovering the song. That’s OK. The verse gets much harder, so if this is all you’re able to play, don’t concern. For world who desire to grasp the totality song or desire an obstacle, let’s step into the verse. 

#5 Practice The Leaps

The leaps are the hardest part of the verse in my endure teaching this song. We’re currently in the B section. At the begin of each measure is a two-note leap. Practice these leaps only until you’re comfortable through them. 

#6 Put Them Together One At A Time

Now, take each meacertain one at a time. Slowly put the leaps along with the descending pattern. Don’t move on to the next measure until you play the current one excellent 4 times in a row. Move onto the following measure and also perform the very same thing until you finish the first ending. 

#7 First Run Of The Verse

Starting slow-moving and also accelerating on repetitions, play the verse through the first finishing. Make sure it’s solid right here, and also you play via confidence. This might take some time to master, but when you do, your task is nearly done. 

#8 2nd Ending Of The Verse

The totality verse repeats! If you invested the time mastering the previous procedures, you’re virtually done. The just point that transforms is the second ending. Practice this component until you’ve acquired it dvery own. 

#9 Put The Verse Together

Now, play the entire verse via the first and second endings. If you invested time making certain the previously procedures were done effectively, this have to be simple. 

#10 Perdevelop The Whole Song! 

Now, it’s time to play the whole song! You may want to go through it as soon as or twice, saying and showing the fingerings first before you actually play it. Congrats! You learned just how to play Jingle Bells on the recorder. For those that prefer finding out visually, examine out this video: 

Final Thoughts

I hope you uncovered the instructions and Jingle Bells recorder sheet music beneficial. The high E and also the jumping of the notes make this song rather challenging, however if you just play the chorus, it’s not negative at all. If you desire to learn the entirety song, simply take your time and also be patient. Practice provides development. 
Zach VanderGraaffZach VanderGraaff is a K-5 music teacher with Bay City Public Schools in Michigan. He"s a Past-President of the Michigan Kodaly Educators and also Executive Secretary of the Midwest Kodaly Music Educators Association.

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