There are many type of lessons that I’ve learned in founding nine various carriers over the last two decades, however tright here is one lesboy that I preach to aspiring entrepreneurs at the Founder Institute and Founder Lab more than any kind of other.

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No is not an acceptable answer. If you ask a question and also get a “no”, tbelow is nobody to blame however yourself.

This leschild took me many type of years to learn, but I believe it is a mentality that all entrepreneurs must embrace.

I don’t accept no for an answer, and this is not rhetoric - it is a structured procedure.

Here are five extremely useful means that you have the right to protect against gaining no for an answer throughout virtually any kind of aspect of organization.

1. Don’t ask a question unmuch less you recognize the answer is going to be “yes”.

This is by much the most basic thing you deserve to do to encertain you don’t acquire no for answer. If you’re not certain you willgain a yes, then don’t ask!It’s that simple.

So exactly how perform you encertain that you obtain a yes? Read on.

2. Only tarobtain an individual that can say “yes”

You can waste a lot of time, and also also prematurely ensure a “no”, by asking the wrong perchild. For instance, they might not have the authority or budget to say yes. Even worse, they just may not be comfortable with you, or have actually adequate understanding of what you’re supplying.

Finding the appropriate perchild is usually not that difficult. For example, my team has actually hacked together many type of rudimentary org charts utilizing public indevelopment from LinkedIn , a company’s webwebsite, push statements, and also speaking engagements at events (particularly videos). Or, you can study the company’s existing partners and leverage your network-related.

However you gain the indevelopment, simply make certain you do your homework.

If you ask the wrong person a question, the answer will certainly virtually always be no - also if they desire to say yes.

3. Find the Overlap

This diagram is comically evident, however your capability to specify "the overlap" effectively is by far the most essential method you deserve to obtain to a “yes”.

First, carry out your study to best to understand also what they want, and also keep the adhering to in mind;

Start with their desires, versus your desires. In various other words, don’t attempt to fit a square peg right into a round hole. You don’t pitch service providers, you pitch human being. Look at the person’s background and also publimelted content, and also get an principle of not only their service goals, yet also their vision and also worths. Do you both share thoughtful beliefs? If you have the right to determine a vision that you both share, it’s favor having actually an ace up your sleeve.

2nd, based off your research study, define one area wright here tright here is absolutely overlap between you and your targain. Not a 99% opportunity of overlap, but a 100% possibility. This area is where you will begin.

Third, it’s time to listen. Now you deserve to begin having systematic and also focused conversations through this perkid, yet don’t talk - listen. Ask inquiries. Your one goal via these conversations is to ask, listen, and calibprice your knowledge of the overlap.

4. Circle the Wagons

As I discussed earlier, you don’t pitch companies - you pitch human being. And, world don’t willingly give a “yes” to someone they’re not comfortable through.

Even after you have actually developed rapport with someone, they still have people that they listen to, prefer colleagues, advisors, friends, and also family members. Soft pitch these civilization to a point wbelow they know what you carry out, so that as soon as the time comes, they can positively reinforce your message.

Also, store in mind that the harder the question you are asking (ex. price, time, level of effort, etc), the more that circling the wagons is vital. When I pitch a large partnership deal, I never before think around pitching a solitary perkid. I think about circling the wagons first, and also periodically it is important to spfinish many type of, many months doing it.

5. Find out their “one condition”, and accomplish it

Now that this person is comfortable through you, it’s time to gain to the actual inquiries, and also identify the condition that requirements to be met in order to gain to a “yes”.

Tbelow are always problems. They may be untallow, or tbelow might be a number of, however theyconstantly exist, and also you need to identify them by asking the appropriate inquiries.

For instance, just a fool would certainly come out and also ask “Will you sponsor us for $100,000?” Rather, you have to uncover out what problems need to be met in order for that deal to make feeling.

For example, let’s say thatmy target’s sole KPI right currently is to drive paying customers totheir newest product. Here’s exactly how I would approach asking for a $100,000 sponsorship;

ME: “How many new customers would we should carry you for a 6 figure sponsorship to make sense?”

THEM: “It would certainly more than likely take about 500 customers.”

ME: “If I deserve to get you 600 customers, would you carry out this address me?”

THEM: “Yes”.

In this case their condition was “500 customers”, so I over-yielded via “600”, and also acquired to a “yes”. Then I’ll develop a proposal that will certainly gain them 600 customers.

Then, and only then, if I think that they will say yes, will I ask the last question to close the deal.

And I virtually constantly get a “yes”.

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I"m a 9X entrepreneur (gasp!) based in Silsymbol Valley. Currently, I am the CEO of the Founder Institute, the world"s premier idea-stage accelerator and startup launch program through operations in over 100 cities. The Founder Institute"s mission is to "Globalize Silicon Valley" and develop sustainable startup ecodevices that will create one million brand-new work global. I am also the Establishing Member of, an digital area for CEOs to research, price, and evaluation resources sources worldwide. My passion is entrepreneurship, and also I think about myself exceptionally lucky to aid construct brand-new suppliers and also sustainable startup ecodevices eextremely day.