Our Professional Costume Designers and also Technicians are happy to administer personalized, custom organization. It's what we carry out best!


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nlinux.org provides totally free, residential ground shipping to the 48 contiguous USA, approximately $20, on orders costing $99.99 and up. This complimentary choice covers about 85% of orders. For very hefty orders that expense $99.99 or even more, the first $20 of your shipping will be cost-free. We will invoice you for any type of shipping amount over $20. Once shipping is phelp, your order will go out. Our minimum domestic shipping charge for orders $99.99 and under is $11.00 for a USPS Priority Mail envelope, $13.00 Ground/Priority Mail box, $15.79 Flat Rate Box, $27.00 for USPS Expush Mail envelope, and also $37 for USPS Expush Mail box. Base Internationwide shipping charges are Canada: $40.00 USD - Hong Kong, Sweden, Netherlands, Germany: $45.00 USD - Europe $70 USD - All various other countries: $50.00 USD. If your base-rate/minimum shipping charge does not cover the expense to ship your order, we will certainly bill additional shipping charges when your order is all set to ship.

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We have numerous base prices for classic nlinux.orgs that should be shipped in over-sized boxes. Actual costs have the right to run in between $30-$60 in the continental U.S., more in some places. Occasionally, it is much less expensive to ship Express fairly than Priority. We will constantly study what is the least expensive means to safely ship your items. We will likewise incertain costumes for their full value. This will certainly include to the cost, yet not as well much. All tradition costumes are shipped with signature forced once delivered. This is for your protection.

If you need a shipping price estimate prior to placing your order, please call us Toll Free US & Canada +1-877-888-8266 - Internationwide +1-704-519-4771 from 10 am to 5 pm EST and we will be happy to estimate your shipping charges.

If you are ordering something tiny that can be sent in an envelope, favor one sample card, the difference in between the postage and the automatic minimum shipping charge will be refunded.


Unmuch less otherwise requested, orders shipped within the US, consisting of Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and also many US Territories and Military addresses, are sent out using USPS Domestic Priority Mail (2-4 day) through Delivery Confirmation. You will receive an e-mail via your package"s tracking number so that you may track your package. The USPS provides $50 insurance on Domestic Priority mail and $100 on Domestic Expush Mail. If your order expense is higher, we will immediately insure it for the total. Tbelow is an additional charge once we perform this, yet it is minimal.

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We strive to ship in-stock items within two Company Days after we receive your order. (This does not encompass custom-made items, favor nlinux.orgs and also other costumes, which need a lead time and are shipped once completed. Also, orders which incorporate fabric-cuts or custom-dying may call for an additional time, but we will constantly let you recognize how long it will certainly take.)


For desticountries external the United States, orders are sent via USPS Priority International (6 to ten days) or USPS Expush Mail Internationwide (three-5 days). Expush Mail International is much faster than Priority Mail International, provides a lot much better tracking indevelopment, and also may pass via your country"s Customs faster. Deliexceptionally times are dependent on your location nation and also on your regional postal and Customs solutions. Customs delays are not the duty of nlinux.org. Our shipping rates perform not incorporate any kind of Customs Charges that may be imposed by your country"s Customs regulations.