Hello,Was wondering if you men know any kind of tricks and also tips (at home.. I can't afford a wonderbra haha) to improve cleavage for a strapmuch less dress? Going out clubbing and also I just have B cups to work through. I just obtain cleavage through a press bra and also a tight dress :( say thanks to youx

You deserve to attempt to sew together the fronts of the cups on your bra, you know there's typically a small point holding the cup appart? well either sew it or security pin it together so it pulls your boobs together abit more => or you might go for the old classical of stuffing socks dvery own theretehe


Wear your normal push up bra, just tuck your straps in. if beed be fold the peak of the bra a bit and also, or safety and security pin it:)

This is just a tiny more increase (yet I'm an A cup so I take what I deserve to gat, lol) so do this through one of the other principles. Once the bra is on, via your hand just pull up your beasts in the bra...prefer how pushups are at the bottom? Same principle...I hope that madesense.

Pria! So true I'm a 38 DDD and its a pain...literally everywhere! Listen ladies, love your little bit boobs!! This sounds crazy however wear two press up strapless bras. Does the trick, trust me!! You might additionally usage rubber or foam cutallows to press your breats out of your bra and together!! I don't know of anything else tho :/ lol When I want massive boobs I don't perform anypoint however that's what smaller sized chested world have actually told me theydo!

There's a comprise point you can perform via like bronzer and also some dark eyeshadow that simply offers the illusion of them being bigger. youd need to look it up though. I only have actually 32B so I recognize how youfeel.

PS...now that I am older I love how tiny I am. I go braless (via bandaids on nips) in the summer...feels so much much better :-) however I execute understand also exactly how so cleavage helps tops anddresses.

Just wear a press up strapless and also the brush bronzer in between it creates an illusion and significant boobs hurt poor trust me Ikno.

I've done the bronzer in the cleavage and also highlighter on the breasts collarbones and shoulders. It's a sexy look. I have a small chest and love it! You can execute so manylooks!

Bronzing is the ideal natural means personally. I'm aa and also it just looks more normal... however you have the right to additionally attempt wearing the bra as tight as it goes and then oull them out and together and also put tworries under for a tiny additional assistance get a bra with smaller cups or gain a bra through strong elastic at thebottom.

Contour and also wear a silicone stick on bra created strapmuch less or backmuch less dressesThey can be uncovered at wal mart and victoriastrick

Lol Jenna Marbles reflects you howhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HErdtVkR3Nw&feature=youtube_gdata_player

I'm pretty little chested (34a!) I would indicate wearing 2 bras (make sure the tighter one is on the bottom) and also contouring. Or you could constantly gain a continuous pushup bra and also switch out the straps with those clear ones.:)

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