The Cubic World beta is alive and well and proceeding at this time. For those new to the game, you are eager to start and explore the game. You do not want to jump into warm water, however, not without a few levels at your waist. Upgrading in the game takes a bit of time. Here are some tips and also techniques to progress in World of the Cube Beta.

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How to level up in the cube world

You need artifacts

To level up to Cubic World, you"re going to need to collect artifacts. These magical artifacts will certainly rise your character"s overall level and also make him stronger. Obtaining these artefacts and locating them is a daunting job. You will not immediately uncover yourself leveling up as you progression through the game. Instead, you"re going to want to emphasis on the basics of the game to develop yourself before you start searching for these magical items. Here are some things you can do to make your life considerably much easier.

Obtain classified equipment

A good means to acquire more powerful in Cubic World is looting and also getting ranked items. These items will certainly enhance your overall combat performance, boosting your combat endure. To gain equipment, you will certainly need to finish quests or uncover adversaries in the world. When looting equipment, it"s necessary to save this item shade pecking order in mind in order to understand their rarity. The list below is from the the majority of widespread to the raremainder color:


You"re probably going to uncover a lot of white and also green items roughly the human being, but blue, purple, and yellow are the hardest to uncover.

Find cities and also shrines

Cities and also shrines are critical places Cubic people. A city will certainly permit you to craft all the product you want to craft, wellness potions, go to the multiplayer part of the game and also talk to NComputers to gain searches and also receive rewards for completing them. A city is a helpful location to have actually on your map. Starting below is a good principle.

For shrines, you"ll usage them as generate locations and you can teleport to them. These make it simpler to relocate approximately the map, and if you die, you"ll understand wright here you"re going.

Try the multiplayer mode

If someone enjoys these games through their friends even more, you will certainly desire to play multiplayer with your friends. To do this, you will certainly must have actually accessibility to a city. In town, you need to speak to the trip chief. They will certainly give you access to the people of friends. Talk to the Flight Manager and also you must check out a list of your friends" names and also a wing symbol alongside their name. Click on it and also you will head to their human being.

You do not have to pay for this trip. You have the right to openly visit the Flight Master in town and also meet your friends at no expense to you or your friends.

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Overall, you desire to spend some time trying out the area you"re in and locating pursuits or opponents that will certainly drop their gear. The material will make it simpler to development in the game, and also once you locate a magical artitruth, you will certainly level up.