Want to know just how to level your gunsmith rank and also acquire your class weapons? This guide has actually whatever you need!

The gunsmith in Destiny: The Taken King does even more than simply offer weapons and ammo. This time you can raise your rep via him by trial and error weapons every week. This permits you to gain a cost-free weapon every time you raise your rank, and also order weapons that gain yielded the adhering to week.

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Anvarious other huge factor to carry out this is to get the course certain legendary and also exotic weapons. I"ll go over how to obtain those for each class: Titan, Hunter, and Warlock, and also even more details on the gunsmith. If you desire to recognize how to get the swords, please examine out my guide on How to get the Legendary and also Exotic swords.

This guide will go over whatever around the gunsmith and also gaining the course specific legendary and exotic tools including:

Gunsmith Rank - How to raise your rep with the gunsmith and also rewards for doing so.Hunter Class Weapons - How to gain the legendary and exotic weapons for Hunters.Titan Class Weapons - How to obtain the legendary and exotic tools for Titans.Warlock Class Weapons - How to get the legendary and also exotic weapons for Warlocks.

Gunsmith Rank

Every week, founding on Wednesday, there will be 5 weapons you deserve to test for the gunsmith. Each of these tools is common top quality, 200 assault, and also has actually a particular problem to gather information.

For example: One weapon can require precision kills, while one more requires Cabal Centurion kills. You deserve to look at the weapon and the description will tell you what you have to do.

When you end up trial and error each weapon, it will certainly say completed on the gun and also you obtain 250 rep. You deserve to dismantle them when you end up testing.

Ranking Up and Foundry Orders

When you reach Rank 1 through the gunsmith, you get a package that has a random weapon. You deserve to additionally begin placing foundry orders. Each week there are 5 random weapons you have the right to order.

The better your rank, the even more weapons you can order. Your rank also determines how many kind of variations of each weapon you can pick from once they are delivered.

Class Weapons

Legendary Class Weapons


When you get to Rank 2 for Gunsmith, you"ll gain a search that ends with gaining a class Legendary gun. Hunters acquire a sniper rifle,Titans gain a shotgun, and also Warlocks gain a Fusion Rifle.

The quest for each is practically the very same.

It calls for you to usage a distinct weapon telemetry, then acquire 75 kills with the forced weapon type. Sniper Rifles for Hunters, shotguns for Titans, and also Fusion Rifles for WarlockWhen that is over, return to the gunsmith and you get the next step. This requires you to dismantle rare or legendary tools, depending upon the course, for weapon parts.Rare weapons count for 2 parts, Legendary count for 5. It does not matter if you obtain even more than that from one weapon, it only counts 2 and 5. Exotic tools carry out not count.Finally, turn in the search to acquire your weapon.Hunters get the sniper rifle, Stillpiercer.Titans get the shotgun, Immobius.Warlocks gain the fusion rifle, Susanoo.

Exotic Class Weapons

When you gain to Rank 3 with the gunsmith, you"ll acquire one more pursuit. This time it ends with an exotic primary weapon.

The search works the very same as the legendary search, but this time you require 100 kills with the liked major weapon. The dismantle part functions the same as the legendary pursuit as well.


Hunters acquire the hand cannon, Ace of Spades.Titans acquire the auto rifle, Fabian Strategy.Warlocks acquire the scout rifle, Tlaloc.

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That wraps up my guide on the gunsmith acquiring the legendary and also exotic class weapons in Destiny: The Taken King. Please visit my beginner guidefor more tips and also let me recognize in the comments if you have any kind of questions.