No_GTAVLauncher is an alternative launcher to relocation the Rockstar Gamings to launch GTA V.This one disregard the confirmation of GTAV’s papers enabling to :

– Launch your game faster : Deleting the step of the Social Club launcher and also of the video at the launch of your game.

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– Play on a older game variation : You have the right to play with any game variation deleting the waiting time for mods updates ( like Script Hook V, RAGE Plugin Hook ) after each new DLC submitted by Rockstar.

– Play through a modded version of GTA V : No more problems of redownloading papers because of the installation of mods.

Two versions of the tool are easily accessible, the executable variation and also the ASI version:

– executable variation ( No_GTAVLauncher.exe ) : enables you to usage the game in a classical method, including joining GTA Online.

– ASI version ( No_GTAVLauncher.asi ) : advantageous only for players playing via a modded version of the game, does not enable you to sign up with GTA Online. Requires ASI Loader.


Executable version:1. Extract “No_GTAVLauncher.exe” in your Grand Theft Auto V brochure.Social Club variation : C:Program FilesRockstar GamesGrand Theft Auto VSteam variation : C:Program Files (x86)SteamsteamappscommonGrand Theft Auto V2. Launch the game through “No_GTAVLauncher.exe” ( you have the right to develop a shortreduced on your desktop to go much faster )./! Do not close the consingle, it will cshed automatically as soon as the game is joined.

ASI version:1. Extract “No_GTAVLauncher.asi” in your Grand also Theft Auto V catalog.Social Club version : C:Program FilesRockstar GamesGrand also Theft Auto VSteam version : C:Program Files (x86)SteamsteamappscommonGrand also Theft Auto V2. Launch the game with GTA5.exe ( and also not GTAVLauncher.exe ).


“Do No_GTAVLauncher require Script Hook V to job-related ?”No, No_GTAVLauncher don’t use Script Hook V.

“Is No_GTAVLauncher compatible through the Steam version ?”Yes, No_GTAVLauncher is compatible through the Social Club and also the Steam variation.

“Is No_GTAVLauncher compatible with a crack version of the game ?”No.

“Can i gained banned by using No_GTAVLauncher ?”No, There is no danger of being banned of Social Club or GTA Online.

“Can I go to GTA Online utilizing No_GTAVLauncher in executable variation ?”If your game version is updated and also that you are not using a mod you deserve to go digital without any kind of are afraid. In deed No_GTAVLauncher carry out not attach him self to the game, he only modifie the game temporarely from the exterior, making the operation invisible by the game.

“Is No_GTAVLauncher a crack of GTA V ?”In no means, a Social Club account is essential to play GTA V, No_GTAVLauncher only cancel the verification of the game’s files by the classical launcher.

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No_GTAVLauncher is a creation of Transmet, member of the Los Santos Multiplayer team.