I want to grow my pet birds whilst doing stuff in genuine life.How can I be amethod from keyboard on Runescape for lengthy durations of time? I have actually tried putting on rune armour and also making use of air strike on a Lesser Demon in the Wizards tower however the game logs me out anymethod after 10 or so minutes.

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The game will certainly log you out automatically after a duration of time of inactivity. There"s no in-game way about that.

You can use a macro to pressure activity, yet, that approach is versus the rules, and also has actually a decent opportunity of being detected. I execute not advise, endorse, or recommfinish this method, and also as such, I have actually not included web links to any kind of such macro software.

Other than that, though, tbelow is no method to store you logged in while AFK. Your ideal bet is simply to be patient and let things happen throughout constant gameplay.


While it is against the game rules to use software program approaches to prevent automatic logout, hardware techniques are particularly enabled. Since moving your computer mouse on the game display resets the timer, rigging up a machine to jiggle it (or my favorite: hanging an optical computer mouse in front of a fan) is a legitimate means to continue to be logged in for much longer durations of time.


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