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Ranch/1 story home sits on a crawl area around 3′ high. The backyard was improperly graded so that the dirt went over the concrete structure and also onto the boards of the residence. As an outcome, rot came right into play.

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I’ve had the grade resolved and the dirt removed. I currently have actually full accessibility to the rim joist on the outside. It’s about 2x9x25 (yes actual 2×9″) – it’s 2 lengths definition it’s a 12′ and also a 13′. The floor joists run towards this rotten plate so this wall is pack bearing, the floor joist ends nail into this rim joist. 

In the corner of the house, where the downspout was, there’s considerable rot of the sill plate, the rim joist and also three of the floor joists.

The sill plate I think was a 2×5 (yes, actual 2×5 – I think the contractor had actually practice hardwood cut). 

Here’s the condition of the edge.There’s no sill plate for about 6 feet. The rest of the sill plate is rotten around an inch or two in. It runs the whole expectations of 25 feet.

The rim joist has actually about 6 feet that has about 2 to 4 inches rotten away. As a result, I have a nice hole reflecting into the crawl space.

Three of the floor joists are rotten about 2 to 3 inches. They are angled rot meaning the optimal of the floor joist is fine. It’s simply this “triangle” of rot. More rot facing the rim joist on the bottom, much less as you go into the crawl room. The floor joist has around 2 to 3″ of excellent wood sitting over the existing structure wall. It would certainly sit over the sill plate but…well, that’s gone.

I need a fact examine – here’s what I’m reasoning of doing.

1) Knock in 2×4’s underneath every one of the “non-rotten/affected” floor joists from inside. The structure wall is 8″ thick. I have actually a 2×5 sill plate. I have the right to fit in a 2×4 PT conveniently. This will certainly aid offer the non rotten joists several sill plate upon which they deserve to sit.

2) Pull out/reduced out the continuing to be rot from the outside dealing with percentage of the 25′ of sill plate. Measure the room and also then push in an additional 2×4 ripped down to a great width. This will certainly offer me the 2×4 inside, some of the original non-rotten sill plate and also then the brand-new stuff I simply jammed in tright here.

3) Cut out the rot of the rim joist and also rearea it with new lumber.

4) Put in a 2×8 over the area that has “no” sill plate, put the existing floor joists down on that (i’ll jack up the residence a bit so I have the right to fit the 2×8 in there) and then sister on 2x9x6′ joists alongside the original floor joists so that the three floor joists that have rot have actually 2 to 3″ of their very own coverage on the sill plate while the sistered in floor joists have actually all 8″ of room. I’ll bolt these floor joists on also – say every 12 inches off collection.

I don’t desire to have to run a whole brand-new floor joist in tright here. I want to simply strengthen the existing floor joists. 

Is my thinking correct here? Do I really need to run in complete 2×9 floor joists because only say 3″ of the original floor joist will sit on the sill plate?


Inside the crawl space, 3 of the 2×9 floor joists display indications of rot. I’d say 2 to 3″ of 3 of the floor joists are rotten. But there’s still about 2 to 3″ that sits over the structure wall.

What I have actually currently is an opening that’s about 2 to 4″ in height, probably 4 to 5 feet in length that allows one to literally look ideal into the crawl room. 

I pulled away the siding so that I have full access to the totality rim joist. I deserve to check out that only 4 to 5′ of rimjoist is rotten and also it’s not the complete elevation of the 9″.

The sill plate…ah that’s in trouble. Althe majority of the totality 25′ of the sill plate is rotten at leastern an inch or so in. It’s tough to tell exactly how deep the damages is. The sill plate looks to be a 2×5 (odd dimensions to the hardwood in this house). As an outcome in the crawlspace there’s around 3″ if area in between the block structure wall and the floor joists. I had the ability to knock in 2×4’s (pressure treated) to many kind of of the existing floor joists wright here tbelow is no “hole”. This implies that the majority of of the floor joists are now sitting on PT 2×4’s and every one of the 2×4. 

So concerns.1) Can I simply remove the rot from the existing sill plates, then knock in an additional trimmed dvery own 2×4, caulk it up and i”m good? I’m reasoning yes because I have actually the 2×4’s already there. So now I’m doubling up the width of the sill plates.

2) The area with the hole all the means via and also the floor joists that have the 2 to 3 inches rotten off, deserve to I put in a 2×8 sill plate, have the continuing to be 2 to 3″ of the non-rotten part remainder on top of the brand-new 2×8 and also then sister in 2×9’s to the floor joists? And when I say sister in, I’m reasoning put in say a 6′ section via bolts on either side? 

When I’m done, every one of the floor joists will certainly have actually at least a brand-new 2×4 plus brand-new 2x something under them. The 3 floor joists that have the tips of rot will certainly have at leastern 2″ on the new sill plate and then the sistered joist will rest completely on the 2×8.

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Thoughts? I hope I defined this correctly. When I’m done, every little thing will have actually some coverage on the new sill plate. The 3 floor joists though will certainly gain toughness from the sistered joists. Key is if I have put on sufficient.