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How To Safely Pass A Knife To Someone – Knife Safety Tips

In this brief video I wanted to talk around the appropriate method to pass a knife to someone else. This is somepoint that ANYONE that provides a cutting tool have to know how to perform, and also must be an important life skill for all human beings.

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Tright here are numerous things that you must achieve eextremely time you hand a knife or tackled cutting tool to somebody else:

Present ONLY the handle to the other personPosition your body nlinux.orgmponents so that the cutting edge and allude of the blade is away from both of youMake eye call and also nlinux.orgnfirm that the various other person has taken safe manage of the tool

This might seem prefer I am being over-cautious about what is a basic activity – yet think around the nlinux.orgnsequences of obtaining it wrong – a sliced palm or fingers, making that hand also unusable for days, weeks or even months? A knife dropped into a foot? Rushing or stumbling and also accidentally pushing that knife into an additional human?

After 15 years of working in the outdoors I deserve to nlinux.orgnfidently say that some of the worst self-inflicted injuries I have actually checked out have actually been done not by nlinux.orgmplete beginners but by those that “understand what they are doing”. Because you have actually ‘safely’ recurring an action dozens of times it is tempting to take into nlinux.orgnsideration that you are ‘safe’ – even if all you have done so much is nlinux.orgnfirmed that you were born lucky.

Someone who does ‘understand what they are doing’ will appreciate the prominence of having a safe technique of doing something that deserve to be recurring every single time – and that’s exactly what I display you in the video below.

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