Whether you’re a new player or a seasoned veteran – our PoE Act 3 Leveling guide have the right to help you rush through all the waypoints, quests, and also bosses in record time.

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Love it or hate it – Path of Exile’s 3rd act is kind of iconic in its very own way. Whether it’s because you obtain to bash Dominus’ challenge in during the “poopworm” phase, or because you lastly gain access to the library and its treacertain trove of ability gems allowing your build to pop off appropriate tbelow and also then – there’s plenty of things to look forward to.

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1 Our All-In-One PoE Act 3 Walkwith
1.1 City Of Sarn
1.2 The Slums
1.3 The Crematorium
1.4 The Sewers
1.5 The Marketlocation
1.6 The Battlefront
1.7 The Docks
1.8 Solaris Temple – Level 1
1.9 Solaris Temple – Level 2
1.10 The Ebony Barracks
1.11 Lunaris Temple – Level 1
1.12 Lunaris Temple – Level 2
1.13 Piety – The First PoE Act 3 Boss Fight
1.14 The Imperial Gardens
1.15 The Sceptre Of God
1.16 Dominus – The Final Act Boss
1.16.1 Phase 1 – Pre-Fight
1.16.2 Phase 2 – Dominus Stage 1
1.16.3 Phase 3 – Dominus Stage 2
2 PoE Act 3 Side Quests & Rewards
2.1 Victario’s Secrets
2.2 A Swig Of Hope
2.3 A Fixture Of Fate
3 Helpful Tips For Clearing Act 3 In Path Of Exile
4 Cshedding Thoughts

However, when you take into consideration the lengthy winding twists of the Solaris and Lunaris holy places (specifically the latter), the totality of Act 3 in PoE deserve to quickly rotate into a bit of a time-consuming nightmare.

So, to aid you save your sanity intact and also conserve you hrs of time, we’ve put together this guide to the ultimate PoE Act 3 walkvia.

Below, we’ll cover all the map locations, boss fights, quests, and waypoints that you’ll should breeze with in order to complete the act – all in our signature step-by-action approach.

Our All-In-One PoE Act 3 Walkthrough

As the 3rd installment in our Path of Exile leveling overview series (don’t forget to check ourAct 1 walkthroughand also ourAct 2 guidewhile you’re at it), we’ll start off in the City of Sarn, having actually just eliminated the Vaal Oversoul (the Act 2 finish boss).

City Of Sarn

This PoE Act 3 map is pretty right forward and you’ll simply have to run in the direction of the optimal left in order to uncover the departure to the Sarn Encampment, which is the act tvery own.


On your means to the exit, you’ll find Clarissa tied up by a bunch of Ebony Legion goons. Set her cost-free and also kill her assailants in order to kick off the PoE Act 3 searches chain.

The Slums

Act 3 Imperial Gardens Example Map Layout

In this zone, you’ll want to run straight via in the direction of the middle to hit the wayallude. At this crossroadways, you deserve to follow the course to the left in order to discover the Library and the Trial of Ascendancy.

Or, to save going via the primary search, you’ll need to run to the right and also then up in order to reach the Sceptre of God.

The Sceptre Of God

As with in Act 2’s Old Pyramid – you’ll need to ascfinish numerous levels in order to reach the top and also fight the boss.

Navigating each level of the Sceptre of God deserve to be a little bit confmaking use of at first – however thanktotally, there’s a quick and also basic method to predict the direction you’ll should go in to reach the following floor.

Each floor actually spawns diagonal from the stairs you ascfinished – though this doesn’t always hold true. All in all, you’ll should climb six levels, via the Sceptre of God and the Upper Sceptre of God in order to reach the PoE Act 3 Boss – Dominus.

Note:If this is your first playwith, you can unlock the Scion class right here by releasing her from the cage on the second or 3rd level.

Dominus – The Final Act Boss

Congratulations, exile, on making it this much right into our Act 3 guide for Path of Exile!

At this allude, you’re around to fight the last boss and also clear the act. The boss fight is pretty straightforward thanktotally with 3 key phases involved in the fight.

Phase 1 – Pre-Fight

Before you fight Dominus, you’ll have to kill his minibosses. There are six of them – 3 distinctive mobs, and also 3 even more distinct guards that usage Cyclone, Fire Strike, and Arc respectively. The unique mobs, on the various other hand, use Barrage, Reave, and Viper Strike.

Pro Tip:Stack some kind of physical damage mitigation to make this part of the fight a tiny easier.

Phase 2 – Dominus Stage 1

This phase is reasonably brain dead – dodge the projectiles, don’t get slammed, and also kite Dominus about the map.

Dominus will usage 3 major forms of assaults in this phase – searing bond totems that slow-moving you, lightning projectiles, and also a lightning-damages version of Ground Slam.

Pro Tip:Make sure your lightning resistance is up-to-par in order to make this phase super straightforward.

Phase 3 – Dominus Stage 2

At this suggest, he’s going to teleport to the bottom appropriate of the zone and morph into a bloody miscreation. This phase is a lot much easier than the last two, however you’ll desire to save an eye on your wellness as you’ll constantly be in hit-proximity.

Stay in the bubble to prevent being damaged by the toxic bloody rain, and use a staunching flask of any sort to remove thecorrupted bloodthat Dominus uses on you with eincredibly hit.

Once you end up him off – step with the portal in the optimal appropriate of the map in order to arrive at the Aqueduct and kick off Act 4 by talking to Diala at the entrance to that zone.

PoE Act 3 Side Quests & Rewards

Victario’s Secrets

Find Victario’s stamelted busts in the Sewer and supply them to Hargan in the Sarn Encampment.

Quest Giver:Hargan at the Sarn Encampment

Notable Rewards:Publication of Skill

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A Swig Of Hope

If you killed Fairtombs in Act 1, you deserve to satisfy him at the Docks to assist him find the Decanter Spiritus in the Marketlocation and the Chitus’ Plum in the Imperial Gardens.

Quest Giver:Captain Fairtombs at the Docks

Notable Rewards:One of three rings (Coral, Gold, or Paua).

Learn More

A Fixture Of Fate

Assistance Siosa uncover the missing Golden Pperiods throughout the Archives and also deliver them back to her at the Library.

Quest Giver:Siosa at the Library

Notable Rewards:Your choice of ability gem & seller access to all ability gems in the game.

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Helpful Tips For Clearing Act 3 In Path Of Exile

Keep close tabs on your resistances as there’s a number of bosses that creep up on you via just how much damage they perform, which catches some players off-guard. This is especially true for Dominus.

It’s strongly recommended to not skip the Trials of Ascendancy as completing the Labyrinth at this phase uses quite a huge jump in character power.

The Library and “A Fixture of Fate” pursuit are a wonderful reresource to maximize your develop beforehand and also start leveling up the essential ability gems that you’ll be utilizing right into the endgame.

Cshedding Thoughts

Now that you’ve check out with the whole guide to PoE Act 3 – you’ve obtained all the expertise and also tools essential to breeze with the whole act in simply a couple of minutes, with this handy walkvia by your side.

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Generally, this act takes 15 minutes for most average players to finish, though you deserve to easily take your time and also go at a slightly slower pace to capture up on levels or find the equipment you need if you’re playing solo self-discovered (SSF).

With that – it’s our revolve to hear from you, exile!

Did we miss out on any type of info, or probably you’ve obtained some handy Act 3 tips you’d choose to share? Drop a quick comment and also let us know!